Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 20, 2010

Name: Dominique Fierro
Live in: Bethesda, MD
Originally from: Born in D.C. – I am a Haitian American
Profession: Photographer/Stylist/Interior Designer… A.K.A your ” Creative Guru
What your love about DC the most: The culture. It is a melting pot of every nationality, religious backgrounds and wacky characters all in one 🙂 This city is always throwing you a curve ball. The beauty of D.C. is that there is never an excuse for anyone to be bored, in the same day you can drive 30 minutes and go pick apples and play with some goats at a farm or go hang out at a trendy roof top pool while listening to Damien Marley. This past weekend I watched my husband play soccer on the National Mall and we ended up watching some impromptu swing dancing in Dupont Circle. There is no other place like it, how many people get to say that they went rowing in the Potomac river and then spotted the president on the same day! What’s not to like ?

Your favorite Music video: “On To The Next One” Jay-Z | Swizz Beatz

About me: Hmmmmmm… Where should I start. I did not have your usual upbringing I was practically raised to be the son my parents never had… Since the age of six years old I was painting my fathers rental properties in Baltimore. At the time he was just starting out with his business he did not have the financial means to hire anyone to help him – So in stepped my older sister and I. Mind you, I had to stand on a stool to reach everything and we were the young ages of 6 and 9. I was most definitely not raised with a silver spoon in my mouth. But from doing hard work at such a young age I can fix most things a man can’t and can always walk into a room and recognize the potential it could have, once I get my interior design fingers on it… I can make ANYTHING Beautiful!

When I was younger my grandmother used to baby sit my sister and I – She was an amazing seamstress and fashionista who quickly instilled her love of fashion on me. I was an avid reader of all of her fashion magazines, VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar and many more. I could never get enough. I was designing my dresses from when I was little girl. I even designed my own wedding dress !

In addition to my appreciation for fashion I always loved to capture real life moments – That’s when I realized that MY camera would never leave my side. It is my true passion and my first love besides my amazing husband. It allows me to show the world through my eyes. And along with things I love, Fashion, Interior Design, Humanitarian work. I feel I have a moral obligation to not only myself to lead a good life but to help others as well. I donate a portion of the fine art sales from my photography to several organizations including but not limited to: Save Darfur & Enough Project, which fight to end crimes against humanity and fight to end genocide and the Henri Riquet Perpingnand Foundation which goes toward helping displaced youth from the recent hurricane in my parents beloved country of Haiti. I also enjoy empowering men & women through photography with my photo session “Photo Therapy” so that everyone has a chance in their life to model =) Just to show that everyone can do a little something to make a difference in a life. My art work was featured in the MTV “Real World” home in yours Truly D.C.

I could go on and on….. but I think you have a good idea of who I am and what I’m about.
I think every person in this world has a duty before they leave this world, to make it even better than when they first entered it. And that is my personal mission in life.

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Those of you who know me, please, leave your comment here for others to see and make their judgment on their rating.


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16 Responses to Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 20, 2010

  1. Kezia Sylvia says:

    you’re most awesome in my book (though Kristine, Frantz, Melissa, etc are pretty freaking cool too!! 🙂 xoxo

    • Michelle Price Duchatellier says:

      Domi this is so awesome!!!!!! You know how much I love you and how I am proud of you, your work and your life. I always knew you had it in you to do great thiongs and this is just the beginning
      And in my daughter’s word I think all the cousins in NJ, NY, DC,FL,Haiti we are all “freaking cool ” (Marie Louise, Fofo, Rachelle, Dan, Frantz, George Guy) & our spouses and children are the best
      Love to all

  2. Kezia Sylvia says:

    Titou is so obviously awesome I thought it went without saying

  3. Frantz Price says:

    Definitely awesome. Kezia, if your awesomeness was being put to a vote, you’d get a 5 too.

  4. Sy says:

    Dominique Fierro created my professional portrait for PR and work services. We also asked Dominique to treat our mother on Mother’s day to a 2-set photo shoot. It was a huge success. Dominique is a great asset for AwesomeDC.

  5. Steve Oriol says:

    5 Plus my dear ! You rock Domi

  6. Jessie says:

    Super duper awesome!!!

  7. April says:

    Dominique’s has such a creative vision and her work is is proof for this! Congrats, Dominique!!! 🙂 You rock!

  8. Congratulations!!! :)Rock on!

  9. dominique fierro says:

    Dominique is a true artist. Each of her pictures belong in an art gallery. Working with her on a project is so amazing. She has a eye for the unusual and her creative energy is addictive. I have been in the event industry for decades and never have I met a photogragher with so much talent,positive energy and professionalism. She is invisible on a shoot but the pictures she produces tell a story that only she could reveal. A client is very fortunate to secure her services. Dominique will far exceed their expectations. Her photographs capture the person from the inside out due to her relaxed style. Domonique Fierro in architect of style.
    Posted by margaret on September 23rd 2010, 2:57am

    Margaret, You are too sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me =).
    Posted by dominique fierro on September 23rd 2010, 6:59pm

  10. Jessica says:

    Dominique, your work is amazing! Best of luck to you!

  11. Michael Hsu says:

    Love the way you capture the essence of each moment through your eyes! Good job Domi!

  12. Monique Larreur Gors says:

    Congrats You have become an amazing photographer an artist. We are both very proud of you. Rock on!

  13. Jessie says:

    Multi-talented and beautiful inside and out. You will go far in life and continue to inspire and awe anyone who comes in contact with you and you work. Blessed to have you in my life.

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