Card 2.0: Your Next Generation Credit Card

Brace yourself for the next generation of credit card – Card 2.0. Well, at least if it’s used within the US. Dynamics, the startup that makes the cards, won both the first prize and the people’s choice award at DEMO, the startup-centric conference held in Silicon Valley.

You can tie multiple accounts to the same card or completely hide certain digits of your card number at the push of a button — buttons which are embedded in the card and are as thin as the card itself.

Courtesy of Mashable, check out the demo here:

Although, the card sounds like a great idea, but not sure how practical it will be given the rest of the world is moving to EMV chip cards. So, I guess  it’s only good if used in the US.

I also think with the technology of being able to pay with your cellphone,  the physical cards will be kind of obsolete within a few years. But being able to have multi credit card, checking or savings accounts linked to ONE card would be fantastic cause it’ll limit how much is in your wallet and you don’t need to worry about forgetting something at home.

My main concern would probably be reliability of the cards. Electronics in cards can have a tendency to break when bent. Fortunately, they will only get better. I would hate to be in a money-critical situation, and when I go to pay and it won’t function. You could be at dinner with your largest potential client, or arriving at the only service station for 250 miles in any direction, your phone doesn’t have a signal, there are no payphones and the proprietor’s phone isn’t working when your card fails. Even though I am a rabid early adopter, I would wait awhile before getting one of these cards, to make sure they are robust (or at the very least carry a backup card).

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4 Responses to Card 2.0: Your Next Generation Credit Card

  1. Oz Barıs S says:

    not bad, where are my stolen inventions?!

  2. Oz Barıs S says:

    I said not bad, my inventions are outstanding lol

  3. Pam Williams says:

    Like the card that protects your ID and is reset upon use. Now they need to find one that detects when a false scanner is setup.

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