Google Earth for iPhone: The more possibility of Exploring the Oceans

Google released version 3.1 of Google Earth for iOS4, an update that includes native iPhone 4 support and also the ability to explore the world’s oceans.

Thanks to the addition of  Retina Display support for the Google Earth iPhone app, the imagery on the app is Awesome. The feature makes exploring the planet an even more enjoyable experience.

The second Awesome thing about the app is the addition of bathymetry and ocean content. Underwater bathymetry gives you the ability to go under the surface of the ocean and explore the world’s ocean beds. The new “Ocean” layer adds information and content on some of the most interesting landmarks of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic oceans. Much of this information is derived from content curated by the Sylvia Earle Alliance, as well as data from Wikipedia.

You can download the new version of the app here.

I wonder is there is any possibility of running into a megacolossal squid while we’re Google-exploring the bottom of the ocean? That would be awesome!

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