Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 23, 2010

Name: Erik M. Hicks
Live In: Washington, D.C.
Originally From: Washington, D.C.
Profession: Operations Manager for a Environmental Services Company / Public Speaker “Loving Life 24./7” “Let’s Go! Make It Happen”
What I love about DC most:I Love the diversity and opportunities in the Nations Capitol. Everyone no matter where they are from in the world wants to visit DC to see where decisions are made that effect the world. We have the POTUS, Senate, Congress and Headquarters of every major government agency based here which makes this city the hub of the world. Every single day there are fundraisers, events, socials, and news being made here. You can be on top of the world one day here and on the bottom within the same day. DC will embrace you as one of it’s own for it’s a forgiving city where everyone has something to offer. You can visit historic places, embassy’s, museums and meet the policy makers in a small local venue all in the same day.
My favorite Music Video: Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”

About Me: I grew up in the DC (DMV) where I started young in my volunteering and mentoring. My first volunteer work was with the local county firefighter services at the tender age of 16. I entered the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers and traveled the world after school. This enable me to meet so many phenomenal people who are friends still today. I started public speaking before it was to the level of today when I was stationed in Asia. After leaving the military I became a State Trooper working in the DMV with the interdiction team. Again, I met so many phenomenal people who guided me toward my present being. My thinking directed me to work for a German Company which again had me traveling. Along the way, I continued to volunteer, speak and always missed the DMV. The world is such a beautiful place and I still miss “Home” right here in the DMV. In my travels, I was offered an opportunity to stay local and continue my work in the Environmental Services. Not only did this allow me to focus on mentoring, speaking and volunteering. It allowed me to enjoy watching the Redskins, Capitols, Wizards, Mystics, Orioles, Nationals and the local sports teams. It also enabled time for all of the foundations, organizations and fundraisers that I enjoy being a part of. My Love for Life motivated me to reach deep inside for that intestinal fortitude need to keep motivated and motivate others. My motto, Loving Life 24/7! Make It Happen? and I’m Making It Happen!

Personally: I believe that everything happens for a reason. We may never understand the why…It’s more important to know that it is and Make It Happen! So many focus on the day you enter the world and fear the day they leave this earth. We should focus on what we do between these dates for that is what make you LEGEND! Pay it Forward! Karma is Real! If you can “Make It Happen” in D.C. you can “Make It Happen” anywhere!

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31 Responses to Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 23, 2010

  1. Erik, You ARE Awesome!!!

  2. work it out..Mr. Hicks and have a fabulous day too!

  3. Hey Eric congratulations and continue to make it happen!!! I just voted!!!!

  4. Mignon Green says:

    Erik, I am glad to call you my friend. You are a wonderful and inspirational person. Keep loving and living life to the fullest. “Let’s Go Make It Happen”

  5. Vann says:

    Erik, you are AWESOME! You have such a positive outlook on life and its very contagious. You’re also an awesome motivator. I know you’ll continue to “make it happen”.

  6. Vann White says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME! I just voted and posted a comment. Luv u cuz.

  7. Kari Whitman says:

    You are an inspiration to all walks of life!
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  8. Burnita says:

    You have always been awesome in my book! Keep up the good work!

  9. great commentary, I love D.C. also

  10. u know I voted for you Erik! Your always there for me.

  11. Waitin on You says:

    Erik remember where the source of your strength comes because his strength is infinite.

  12. LInda says:

    Thanks Erik for all you do for the community.

  13. Candace Gentry says:

    Erik you are truly an awesome Washingtonian! Continue LOVING Life & Make it Happen!

  14. Tom says:

    Keep up the great work.

  15. Carla says:

    E – Enlightens

    R – Real

    I – Incredible

    K – Kind-hearted

    Congratulations Erik! You are definitely making it happen!!!!

  16. I voted!! All 5’s for you! Congrats.

  17. Just voted all 5’s. You are Awesome!.

  18. Simone M says:

    CONGRATS Erik!!! What you’re doing doesn’t surprise me,keep up the good work u so much deserve.
    You are truly an awesome Washingtonian.

  19. Glenda Briscoe says:

    I knew you had it in you, what an awesome page you have put together. Love It!

  20. Tracy Harley says:

    I personally know Erik and have admired the way he brings the people around him to think positive. As Erik has said, “There is a reason!” His knowledge of a variety of subjects is astronomical!!! If he doesn’t know, HE WILL FIND THE ANSWER!!! Wish there was a number higher than 5 because Erik is a 10 in my book! Congratulations to you Erik, you are AWESOME!

  21. Lanie says:

    Awesome Mr. Hicks!!!!!!! Keep on living Loving Life.

  22. Loretta Graham says:

    Eric, You are doing big things to make the DVM better.

  23. Cali Ali says:

    Mr. DMV Hicks,

    You amaze me every year 😉 That’s what makes you wonderfully awesome! Thanks for being you.

  24. Cali Ali says:

    You amaze me every year. That’s what make you wonderfully awesome. Thanks for being you!

  25. Kathy Miller says:

    You are definitely an inspiration to us all. Thank you!

  26. Yvette Martin-Gross says:

    Checking on updates. It has been a blessing meeting you, working with you and becoming friends Your energy is felt wherever you are, in whatever setting. You are an awesome person, friend, father, family man and worker. You are so deserving of this and all great things.

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