Wireless Consumers Eager for New Technologies, Still desire Service and Price [Survey]

In a recent survey of 3,000 mobile customers from around the world by Oracle, titled  “Opportunity calling: The future of mobile communications”, consumers see limitless potential in mobile technology, envision replacing Credit Cards, car Keys and personal computers with mobile phones

The survey further shows:

.  While 82% of consumers said they were happy with their current provider, 77% said they would switch for a better price, presumably that better price being a lower price, while 83% said they would consider signing up for service with a well-known brand not associated with the telecom space. The caveat to that last one being if that brand offered similar pricing and quality to established wireless providers.

. Despite recent movement by operators in rolling out tiered data pricing plans, consumers are still most interested in unlimited models, and are willing to pay for them. Oracle found that 61% of consumer surveyed said they would pay 7% more per month to keep an unlimited data plan, while 59% said they would spend 5% more each month for unlimited text messaging.

. 54% of respondents think that in five years they will use their phone as a GPS device, 31% as a credit card and 24% to start their cars.

. The consumer would be willing to pay less in exchange for receiving advertisements on their phones.

. 64% of consumers said they would be up for a discount on their mobile bill if that also meant they would have advertisements sent to their device, though only 33% said they would be interested in location-based advertisements due to perceived privacy concerns.

As a reminder, the survey was conducted among only 3000 consumers. So, does this goes for the rest of the world, beats me.

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