Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 24, 2010

Name: Bethany Carter Howlett
Live in: Washington, DC
Originally from: McLean, Virginia
Profession: Multiple Gym Owner, Multiple Nightclub Owner, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer Instructor, Professional Fitness Athlete, Real Estate Agent, Appraiser, And Investor.
What you love about DC the most: What I love about The District the most is the fact that it is one of the most diverse melting pots of unique cultures and ethnicities in all of the world of which traveled time and time again.
My Favorite Music video: The Video Of The Michael Jackson And Janet Jackson Duet Scream.

About me: Swedish by ethnicity, born and raised in McLean, VA, professional fitness athlete, model, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and scholar Bethany Carter Howlett I calls Washington, D.C. her home and has for thirty-two years. She owns gyms, nightclubs, and homes in the area as well as in Southampton, NY and Miami, FL. She has and still does personal train many famous faces in the metro area from senators and known chefs to professional football, soccer, and baseball athletes. She founded s charity titled Bodies By Bethany, Spirit By God that has helped to fight global obesity in the metro area as well as fight to bring healthier school lunches and more physical education classes into SE DC schools. Bethany Carter Howlett enjoys walking her three teacup chihuahuas around Dupont Circle where she calls home.

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28 Responses to Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 24, 2010

  1. Congratulations, you have earned it.

  2. Andrew says:

    Bethany Carter Howlett is a SKANK and a LIAR…. read more:

  3. T Brice says:

    I love her energy…she truly has s kind heart. Plus, she will run circles around most of us out here!

  4. Tony Gartner says:

    Bethany is a delusional liar who suffers from mental disorders (I assume from years of drug abuse), simply stated, not one word on her profile is true. Just out of curiosity, how do you find time to manage “multiple night clubs and multiple gyms” in DC, Hamptons and Miami, while you also appraise homes for $300/day? I suppose she has her executive assistants manage her businesses while she is out appraising homes and personal training (LOL!!!)….

  5. Adam K says:

    She owns multiple night clubs and fitness centers, yet her website has been shut down due to non-payment ( Also it says on her website she is a PhD too? lol 🙂 Poor girl has lost it.

  6. Dear Friends And Even More Dear Welcome To My Enemies:

    Thank you for the kind words. Tony and Adam of course have negative things to say. I wish I could publicly print what I have seen them do in public but that would be lowering myself to their level. I am happy announce the relaunch of my website after winning my domain back from a former webmaster. I am happy to discuss any and all of my degrees as I am known in the city for my brains, not just my body and brawn. Thank you again to Awesome DC as this site is doing great for the district. Tony and Adam shall we do a workout at one of my gyms followed by dinner at one of investment restaurant/lounges? I would love to host you and even will find a way to round up the money and pay for you both and your dates.

    • Adam K says:

      Apparently you haven’t won your domain back yet, because it still says for sale due to non-payment ( Can you please explain how a baller like you can’t afford to pay 4 grand for a website?LOL Also, I’d love to join you at “one of your gyms”, where are they again?

  7. I Love You And Tony. It Is People Like Youy Who Make People Like Me Work That Much Harder.

    • Tony Gartner says:

      Bethany, with due respect! You insult one’s intelligence when you say the things that you say, in essence, you are telling the opposing person that you are dumb enough to believe my nonsense. If you don’t mind kindly sharing some of the establishment names that you own (including gyms and night clubs), also where you got your PhD? Here is the issue – I got my PhD from GW, which is where you said you got your PhD from, yet there is no record of you even attending GW. You also said you own Fitness First in Tyson’s Corner, yet when I went to join, the general manager said, and I quote “she’s not EMPLOYED here anymore, she was not the owner, she was a personal trainer”, and he said this while laughing. Lastly, if you look at the poll results, apparently Andrew, Adam and I are not the only ones that think you’re full of it…

  8. The Invite Is Open To Andrew As Well. My Favorite Person In The World! Hugs And Kisses!

  9. Of course Adam K. You obviously are obsessed with me like many other and waste your free time talking about me. I love it. Actually I never lost my domain and not only do I have that domain I own 300 others including which is a new one that launches over the next two to three weeks. My gyms are in Reston, McLean, and Vienna. Even more is that my site is a lot more than four grand sweetheart. I also have never claimed to be a “baller.” Why don’t you post your photo or better yet call me via 202.465.0299. I want to take you to dinner and then to one of my places after dinner for drinks. Feel free to call me anytime and do post your photo. You seem VERY FAMILIAR INDEED. Maybe not the first time you have tried to be my biggest fan. You have some competition. I had three stalkers who had to be issued retraining orders. Keep the good work up…you are well on your way to being obsessed with me. LOL.

  10. Dear Tony:

    No actually I never got my PhD from GW nor did I ever say I did. I was never EMPLOYED by Fitness First McLean either. I OWN my own companies, businesses, and am an investor with three other partners which makes me a part owner of four gyms and three lounges….which is called a partner. I would love to meet you as well as please feel free to call me via 202.465.0299. Sure you, Andrew, and Adam are not the same person on the same computer IP address? Not only do I have one person obsessed, I now have two. I am indeed so blessed!

  11. Also Tony:

    According to Ronald E Smith Esq, my lawyer, oh, wait, you may now try to say I have never had a lawyer and he does not exist. Well his office is in Fairfax, VA and his number is 703.352.8000. Drug use? Wow. One thing for you to be obsessed with me, but now we have a possible character defamation lawsuit at hand. Being the “man” that you are, though you may be a woman, you know the type of girl who sees what I look like and becomes jealous, but it indeed is all fun and games. That is until you mess with my work ethic, intelligence, and profit. Then we have a problem. A real big one. Guess after I train you at my gym with one of my trainers who works for Better Bodies By Bethany, Inc., we can go to one of my lounges and eat and drink, and then we can go to my home in Dupont and look at all of my degrees on the wall followed by drug use. LOL. Wow. Why don’t you post your photo, oh and of course all of the photos of me not in class, the photos of me not working, and the photos of me doing drugs.

  12. I must thank Awesome DC because it seems my Yahoo! Base Fan Club Of IFBB And FAME Professional Fitness Athlete And Model with 1647 members loved the award. As did my agent manager Pete Kepes:

    Please visit either one via:

    And this one as well:

    Special thanks to Natalie as she rocks alone with the rest of the staff!

  13. Adam K says:

    Dearest Bethany, instead of fiction, lets talk facts for a second –

    1. please look at the POLL RESULTS right on this page, majority of people (majority in poll terms is over 50%, but then again you know that being a PhD) poll negatively, so if you were to read all three results today, they are all negative. Where are all of your fans to support you in a simple poll?

    2. You never lost your domain? Even the new site you listed says and I quote “Due to previous owner’s default on payment and breach of contract this site is being offered for sale.’ So if you have 300 other sites, perhaps you can list one, JUST ONE site that isn’t in inoperable-mode due to non-payment.

    3. You state where your gyms are located (in terms of city), yet you don’t ever, even list one single name, for example, I Bethany Carter Howlett own Gold’s Gym in Reston, or I own First in Fitness in Vienna, etc…You also claim the same about your “night clubs”, name one single one, just one night club that you own or are a partner/investor in. On your website, you claim you have a PhD, which school do you have a PhD from? You go as far as listing your phone number, yet not names of businesses and schools? And you will not ever list names because you know that then the info will be very easily verifiable and you will be outed as a gigantic liar, which you are already, but then officially on paper.

    4. Baller – you don’t spell it out as such, yet you say things like I own “multiple” this and “multiple” that, trying to portray an image of that of a baller, or a very well to do person.

    5. Post my picture – no need, I am just a small guy, humble in stands and lifestyle, certainly not claiming I am this that and the other. After all, this is not a fight, this is simply a plea to get you to stop BSing, the entire disctrict if tired of you coming up to their tables (BY YOURSELF), joining them univited and BSing like no other, truly like nothing else I personally have ever heard or seen!

    6. Perhaps Ronald E. Smith ESQ (LOL) can explain to you what defamation is; defamation, also known as slander is word(s) expressed in writing or otherwise to portray a person or establishment in a negative light, none of the info which is factual. In any lawsuit, especially a defamation/slander suit, which is more a pseudo suit, where an actual loss of some sort has to be proven, in LOGIC. In other words the plaintiff has the burden of proof; accordingly you would NEVER do that because no one here, and I will speak for Tony for a second if I may, NO ONE here is putting you down rather questioning your statements, and by coming to court, you’d have to provide proof to the contrary, and as we know, these “multiple restaurants, clubs, gyms, and PhDs” don’t exist.

    7. Links – you provided a link to your personal trainer cert site? LOL no one is questioning that and ANYONE can become a personal trainer, you don’t need to be a PhD to do so.

    So please Bethany! Try going to church, perhaps volunteering your time in a women’s or homeless shelter. Clean up your act, and for the love of GOD stop lying! It is JUST exhausting listening to you

  14. Adam K says:

    PS – I forgot the most important part: you have just been caught lying on this very site. On your first comment/reply on this very page you said and I quote “Tony and Adam of course have negative things to say. I wish I could publicly print what I have seen them do in public but that would be lowering myself to their level.” Yet on your last reply you say and I quote “Sure you, Andrew, and Adam are not the same person on the same computer IP address? Not only do I have one person obsessed, I now have two.” I am cutting and pasting here. So you do or don’t know who Tony and I are? You see my dear, liars also have bad memories!

  15. Dear Favorite Stalker Who Is Now Officially Obsessed With Me:

    In New York City tonight with my boyfriend who works for Cantor Fitzgerald and we are laughing our asses off. He is use to his girlfriend having stalkers. Please do visit PROPTA, via to learn about my certification company. We would love to certify you and help you to become a top professional personal trainer. Now we will address your questions “Adam K” :

    1. The poll results where someone like you who is obsessed with me will go under fake names to match your fake name and non-photo image and keep voting in a negative manner because you wish you could be me. Yes those are real accurate results.

    2. Who said I was ever the original owner of Maybe a stalker bought nmy domain, developed a site, I had to go to court to get my domain name? Do nyou know the full story? Yoy were probably the obsessed wack-job that bought my domain to own it in the first place so I would have to buy it back. Why? Because “men” like you, and I say it that way because you just may be a girl, like to try to have the hands up over a woman that they could never have. Trust me, I am use to people like you. Anyone who nhas been in the limelight is use to wannabes like you because no one knows nor cares who you are. And it hurts you.

    3. Give you the names of my gyms so you can go and show up and stalk me? You are crazy. My boyfriend would kill me as would my partners if I told you where to come find me. You are obsessed with me. You take your free time to write long posts about a woman you supposedly do not know. WACK JOB STALKER BEYOND STAGE FIVE. LOL.

    4. If that is what a baller is then Hell Ya! I am indeed a baller. All because I own more than one company. Never knew that was a baller. Guess they do not teach that class in make believe college. LOL.


    6. By all means I am not a lawyer, hence why I hire one. I know a lot but I do not know law. So please call Ronald E Smith ESQ via 703.352.8000. He knows law and would be happy to discuss legal temrs with you. Why would you care about what Tony said? Perhaps you both are the same person or friends? wI think anyone Why get so concerned if I know your IP address to your posts and to Tony’s? You have nothing to hide. Adam K is your name right? And of course you and Tony do not know each other. Of course you are two unrelated parties. Maybe they match, maybe they do not. It is obvious you take the cake with being obsessed with me.

    7. The website to of my certification company is We are headquartered in CA with Joe based there. Now please do not embarrass me and go stalking Joe or his assistant Stephanie. I would be mortified indeed.

    Love, Hugs, And Kisses:

    Bethany Carter Howlett I And Her Boyfriend

  16. Tony Gartner says:

    * You don’t leave your business names yet you leave your phone number for the world to see? LOL
    Boyfriend? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    * YOU SAID: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and scholar Bethany Carter Howlett I calls Washington, D.C. her home and has for thirty-two years. She owns gyms, nightclubs, and homes in the area as well as in Southampton, NY and Miami, FL. (SO YES THAT WOULD MAKE YOU A BALLER!) Of course this is all in your coke-induced mind, but if it was real it would make you a baller LOL!!!!!!!
    * So you cant leave your buisness names, can you tell us where you got your imaginary PhD? LOL!!!!

  17. Tony Gartner says:

    OH and as for your “boyfriend” (LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I noticed he conveniently lives in NY, or last time you told us you were engaged in Miami, which is where you also park your Benz SLR McLaren (LOL!!!!!!!!). You live in DC or at least spend majority of your time here, and you are ALWAYS out alone, no friends, no boyfriends; hmmm you are on mysterious lady, oh no sorry, you’re just a giant liar LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dearest Stalker:

    Wow you seem to state made-up things about me that I have not even heard yet. LOL. Adam, I mean Tony, I mean ummmmm stalker please do feel free to call nme for any type of personal training or gym memberships via 202.465.0299. I would love to train you and sign you up myself. You must be just like “Adam K:” you know a common normal man who is obsessed with anyone in the limelight. I am sure you have never entered a gym in your life and you are very, very insecure indeed. LOL. Anyways I will shae my personal life as I amn use to it bening out there: I have never been engaged to anyone who lives in Miami as I was engaged to someone who lived in Central Florida. I have been engaged four times. My boyfriend lives in New York as I am not engaged to him. I have never owned the car stated above as I owned a Mercedes CLS 550 AMG. You must get your facts from Adam your ummmmmm……….”friend.” LOL.

    Anyways I still invite you and Adam K as well as Natalie and the rest of the members of AWESOME DC to the first of nine parties to celebrate my birthday as the location and time is below. For nine nights inj na row a party a different location will emerge including Prime Rib, Il Teatro, Stadium, Josephine, Current, Policy, Steve’s Barroom, and Town. I look forward to speaking and celebrating with you all in person. The first one is happening at:

    DC’s Own Fit Queen B Turns 33 on November 3rd, 2010
    10 PM EST Suite, located above Cafe Citron
    The password for entry is “fitness” but you will still need to be on the list to get in thus please contact Bethany Carter Howlett via 202.465.0299 or Eric Lund via 202.487.6874
    The party benefits my organization that fights global obesity: Bodies By Bethany, Spirit By God.

    Happy DC My Awesome DC Followers!

  19. Adam K says:

    So let me get this straight, you’re with your boyfriend, in NY, who works for Cantor Fitzgerald (LOL), on a Saturday night replying to “common folks” on a site? I love how you name drop, Cantor Fitzgerald, NY, CLS 550 AMG, Miami (LOL). I would like to thank you for not responding to any of the legitimate questions asked of you regarding the outlandish claims that you’ve made on this site and your both your websites, or rather your former websites, which are now shut down due to non-payment; accordingly, just out of curiosity, what does the B in Queen B stand for? Bankrupt or Broke? LOL

    With that said, it is clear that you are not in a normal state of mind, I believe all people stretch the truth, but you live in a delusional fantasy land that normal people could not, would not, and should not live in; thus clearly you have mental issues that you need to deal with.

    Lastly, what is your obsession with people being obsessed with you? Why would anyone be obsessed with you? Because you look like a transvestite? Or you’re a broke, washed up, never was, personal trainer who’s taking the fake it till you make it routine too far? Well let me assure you my dear, you’re not fooling anyone!

    Thank you again for proving to the world that you are full of crap, I hereby bid you farewell, wish you luck (sincerely, because you need help), and sign off permanently saying the following –

    When a transvestite (I mean dog) bites you, you don’t bite the dog back…

    Adios my dear!

    • Adam K:

      My dearest most obsessed fan. Of course I look like a man to you you are an average white man who is under six feet tall and never worked out in his life. Of course my penis is bigger than yours, your mother’s penis is bigger than yours as well. To be a man and not have any muscles or go to a gym must be an embarrassment as no wonder you will not post your photo. Truth be known as I sit here with my imaginary boyfriend in DC getting ready for my sister’s imaginary wedding at an imaginary resort called Lansdowne, we do not wish you bad we really actually feel sorry for you. My boyfriend is use to this as being in the amazing limelight my whole life you come across sad, insecure never-made-anything-of-themselves-but-the-old-cubicle-9-to-5-job who wish they could have thought outside the box and been someone in the limelight but they lack balls. Thank God I have nice big balls to match my nice big penis. I guess that makes my boyfriend gay. Honey, Adam K says you are gay. He says in return I must be. He also says how well I tape my penis up because of all the times he has had sex with me he had no idea it was there. So as I am so broke typing on my imaginary laptop about to head to my imaginary gym and workout then go to my imaginary row house in Dupont I must say you did well. You lasted two weeks and of course in the end had to bid farewell like all stalkers do. Mainly because you are trying to mess with a person so far above you the clouds block your view of even catching a glimpse of me. LOL. But look real close as you may get to catch a glimpse of my huge penis as it smacks you upside your head kid.

      Well AWESOME DC…..Another one bites the dust indeed. Anyways, I hope to see you all at one of my birthday parties this year. 33 is a big year!

      Kisses And Hugs,
      The Fit Queen B

  20. Tony Gartner says:


    You really are delusional! Why do you keep saying “my imaginary laptop” and my “imaginary house on DuPont”? Or you keep reiterating that you are a certified trainer? Any everyday idiot withOUT a high school degree can attain any of those (hence you being able to). You are a non-achiever who is taking “fake it ’till you make it” routine too far, that’s all!

    Further, you said you don’t know Adam K, so how do you know that he is white? So that’s a presumption, but you looking like a transvestite is a fact, anyone and everyone who know you says that, not just Adam K and I. You do ultimately serve a great purpose to DC, you are a wonderful source of laughter lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But Adam K made the right choice by leaving, and I shall follow suit. You can’t be reasoned with because are a double threat – you are crazy and coked up lol!!!!

    Goodbye and good luck, in your career as a MUSCULAR RU PAUL/ Professional Tranny LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Sorry for the late reply, I have been vacationing in Miami, with my girlfriend, who works at Charles Schwab, drives a Bentley, shops at Versace, and eats only at Ritz, and goes home to her condo at W, GOD WE ARE SUCH BALLERS!!! LOL!!!!

    • Dear Tony:

      Of course you will come back to make a comment because you love to have fun with your friend Adam, seeing as you both, of course, COULD NEVER BE, the same person or in face people that know me personally. Instead you are just obsessed with a person like me who has everything that you do not: ATTENTION. I did not see either of you at The Sneakerball, Walk For Charity, Tommy Hilfinger, Redskin games in my suite as OF COURSE you both have one, no one called my personal cell phone, my assistant Jessica Haskett’s phone, showed up for a free workout or called to get the address to come have one, etc. I can understand you are mad because I have a bigger not only brain, but dick that you as well but your girlfriend must be real upset and confused. Obviously you are gay, which is fabulous, but if I am such a tranny, loser, drag queen, etc. how come you spend so much time trying to reach me via this site? It is like you are waiting to here a response from me. You and Adam are worse that STAGE FIVE CLINGERS. Wouldn’t your girlfriend, Adam, I mean whomever, wonder what you are doing? The offer still stands. My personal number is 202.465.0299. Ready for a workout, dinner, and a night on the town at one of my venues. Looking forward to hearing from you and Adam, as I am SURE THAT I DO NOT ALREADY KNOW YOU…..BOTH?

  21. lmao says:

    hahahaha..yea, def. a man.,.for sure..

  22. Ronnie84 says:

    Bethany is a joke. She cares about no one but herself and lies about literally EVERYTHING!!
    But because she’s not too bright, it’s easy to see through her. The results of the above polls are accurate, in spite of what she tries to tell herself.
    Bethany, you do not matter and you never will.

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