Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 27, 2010

Name: Ada Polla
Live in: Washington, D.C.
Originally from: Geneva, Switzerland
Profession: President & CEO, Alchimie Forever
What I like about DC the most: The fact that the city is low (no skyscrapers) and that no matter where I am I can always see the sky.
My Favorite Music Video: Telephone by Lady Gaga

About me: I grew up in Geneva, the eldest of four girls, and came to the US in 1995 to attend Harvard University, studying history of art, then moved to DC in 2002 to go to business school at Georgetown.

In these few words, I feel that you truly get a picture of who I am… A typical first child, I am driven, ambitious, an overachiever and workaholic. Which my sisters love as I manage our family’s business, Alchimie Forever skin care. Having grown up in a household filled with women, I naturally gravitated towards an industry that is women-dominated – the beauty industry.

I have been in the US for all of my adult life, but I remain European in my aesthetics – whether in fashion (less is more, quality over quantity, always in heels, always dressed up) or in interior design (antique pieces of furniture that I have from my grand-mother).

My sense of aesthetics goes beyond clothes and furniture, actually beyond skin care. I grew up surrounded by art – my parents brought my sisters and I to museums at an early age, and run a contemporary art gallery. I surround myself with contemporary art, spending more on art than on shoes… both in our Alchimie showroom (in the heart of Georgetown), and in my apartment (in East Georgetown).

Beauty is one of my core values… the other being independence and freedom.

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3 Responses to Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 27, 2010

  1. Beautiful picture of you, Ada! You ARE awesome! xo

  2. Kassie says:

    Totally agree. Pic is awesome, as are YOU!!!

  3. Ada is a great addition to our city – great choice choosing her today!

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