Skype and Facebook in deep Integration

Facebook is in talk with the VoIP service company,  Skype on a partnership that would see a tight integration of the service on the social network  that would allow users to call, text or message their friends directly from inside the social networking service.

The deal would see Skype deploy Facebook Connect, allowing Facebook users to send SMS messages and make voice and video calls to Facebook friends via Skype.

Skype has 124 million users globally, while Facebook boasts a whopping 500 million, so a joint project by the two has huge potential. The Skype integration is expected to come with the release of Skype 5.0 in coming weeks.

This is another blow for Google whether people realize it or not. Google Voice is still trying to win buy-in, while Skype and Facebook are both recognized brands. Facebook logins into various sites and systems are increasingly ubiquitous, adding to the ease which end users will slide into this.

Three years ago, when Skype was languishing with eBay, I suggested Facebook should acquire Skype, building a unified communications platform on top of Facebook…

“….Isn’t Facebook really the communications portal for kids today? I’m guessing most kids today have never used Outlook, and why would they?

Facebook contains their contacts, admittedly the “social” subset of what would be in my Outlook contact cards, but it is moving towards providing different views/access levels by categories. It offers “Presence”, rudimentary today, but that will change. Kids don’t use email anymore, they send Messages in Facebook. It’s similar to email but different, with real time notification (find me, follow me) and with the ability to respond via SMS. It has asynchronous chat via Wall postings and video communications (non-real time) through SuperWall. It allows me to stay on top of my communications via RSS feeds and SMS notifications.

Facebook is a social unified communications platform….

However, for all of its considerable strengths, Facebook’s biggest shortcoming today is real time, or synchronous communications, which is where my epiphany comes in.

Facebook should just buy Skype…

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