An Awesome iPhone App that Maps Happiness

Since, I ran out of the subject over the weekend, let’s cover another iPhone app. Here is an interesting one called Mappiness,
The app maps happiness by pinging users with a survey in order to plot out their feelings during the day (happiness, in this case, is apparently user-defined).

Using LBS, the app links responses and response locations to environmental data in an attempt to, according to lead researcher George MacKerron, “better find answers on the impacts of natural beauty and environmental problems on individual and national well being.”

Mappiness is the first project of its kind to add location to the mix. Because the iPhone allows users to carry the technology with them, researchers can now randomly hit test subjects up with questions like how ‘happy,’ how ‘relaxed’ and how ‘awake’ they feel on a sliding scale. There is also the option of uploading photos, which is pretty nifty for a research study.

You can find all the Mappiness data in aggregate here including a happiness index chart, and a photo-map of the happiest locations in the UK, as well as real-time happiness meters.

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