Five Classic Signs You are in a Wrong Job

Here are some warning signs I gathered from Yahoo Career web site. If they are flaring up, it may be time to reevaluate your career.

1 – You dread waking up in the morning.

Hitting the snooze button isn’t a warning sign that you’re in the wrong career, but having recurring nightmares about your job could be a signal that it’s time to make a change.


  • Do a self-assessment or talk to a career counselor. What’s bothering you at work – and why? If it’s time to change careers, make sure you look before you leap.
  • Getting a degree can arm you with the skills and confidence you need to make the transition.
  • Going to school at night or online may allow you to keep your current job while looking for a new one.
  • Health care is one hot option. The industry is ripe with employment opportunities.

2 – You are bored with your job.

Watching the minutes melt away at work isn’t just boring; it’s bad for you and bad for your company.


  • Whether it’s transitioning to another job in your company, or making a career change, pursuing your passion is a good place to start.
  • Take the time to discover what moves you – and what careers can make use of your skills – whether it’s graphic design, web design, interior design, or something else entirely.

3 – You are afraid of getting laid off.

It’s no secret that the unemployment rate is up, making job security a common concern for many Americans. But if your lack of job security is detracting from your work, it may be time to focus on long-term career stability.


  • Some careers are more stable than others. If you are fearful that you will lose your job, start putting together a plan for other careers that fit your qualifications and personality.
  • Education may be part of an effective long-term strategy, or even a near-term one, since there are plenty of shorter training programs, like a paralegal studies certificate or a technology support certificate.
  • Consider career tracks that are growing – not shrinking. For example, the U.S. Department of Labor forecasts excellent job prospects for medical assistants, accountants, and nurses.

4 – You are getting passed over for promotion.

No matter the job or the circumstances, watching others leapfrog you at work is a difficult thing to endure.


  • The key is to demonstrate that you deserve a promotion. Let your boss know that you have aspirations to move up and ask for areas where you can improve your performance.
  • Consider adding to your qualifications by getting a certificate or degree.
  • For those looking to move into management, you can handpick the MBA program that’s right for you, whether it’s management, marketing, or human resources.
  • Keep in mind that many companies offer tuition assistance plans to ease the cost of going to school.

5 – You search job postings while at work.

Trolling for a new job while on the clock isn’t just dangerous; it’s inappropriate. It’s also an indication that all is not well at work.


  • First of all, stop! You’ll only make things worse if the boss or a co-worker nabs you.
  • Next, start using your free time to beef up your resume and network.
  • Earning a certificate is a quick way to boost your qualifications. With some previous education, you may be able to get the education you need to start a career like medical assisting or paralegal in as little as 18-24 months.
  • Getting a degree, while it’s a longer commitment, can indicate to potential employers that you have the necessary skills and drive to succeed.

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2 Responses to Five Classic Signs You are in a Wrong Job

  1. John says:

    Check also Payscale, CareerBuilder or these websites are a good way to learn more about companies, jobs and average salary

  2. adil says:

    i’m a Graduate, MFA (painting), Adv .Dip in Multimedia (Maya, 3DS Max etc) from Ranchi n Mumbai. Exp n awarded faculty of Arena Animation, India.Left the faculty job n did Maya from Andheri_Centre,
    as was interested in 3D Modelling,can model any character, Animals etc in 3D by Visualizing.Now, I’m in a wrong job ,a Graphic’s Designer,anyhow, I want to leave. Plz. help.

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