The Awesome Jon Stewart on our “Dependency on Foreign Oil”

This is one of the best segment of the Daily Show I’ve  seen – funny, genius, and well put!

With our president promising a plan to move America toward a non-petroleum based future, Jon Stewart took the time to give a little history lesson on the show last night. As he pointed out, Obama is certainly not the first President to come on TV and talk about a plan for energy-independence. No, no. It seems that going as far back as Nixon, every President has broadcast the same, if not similar, pledge.

Bwhaaaa cause Tricky Dick was a communist …lol.
Even Nixon wanted a universal health care plan, I didn’t know that.

The strikingly similar footage of each of the last eight presidents painted a bleak picture of our reliance on oil, but also served as a platform for Stewart to mock our nation’s leaders dating back to 1974. The latter, as you can imagine, was quite funny.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After watching this video, I want you to ask yourself this: How have you cut down your own energy consumption?

While you expect miracles from the government, what  have you personally done “to make a change”?

Have you used public transport this year?
Turn off your lights in a room if you are not in that room.?
Bring your own canvas bags to the store when buying food?
Rest the tumble dryer ?
Bin the old boiler?
Buy local produce?
Avoid over-packaged goods?
Cut down on junk mail?
Change your light bulbs to eco ones?
Draught proof and/or double glaze your windows?
Don’t leave appliances on standby?
Conserve energy when cooking?

The List is endless…

People want change, but how many have really been part of this change?

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