Bing and Facebook to make Traditional Search more Social

Microsoft and Facebook announced a new partnership to accomplish what I tried to do with my company, Searchles (Search + Circles reference to circle of friends) I was heading from 2006 – 2008 – Building social search that  brings “Like” data and profile search to Bing.

It’s common sense! People will more likely to use Bing if they know their search results will b more relevant because their peer network will be included. Filtering the signal from the noise.

The deal positions both companies a head in social search and also represents a new advantage for Bing in its quest to take market share from Google.

Bing users now get an experience that’s customized using Facebook Instant Personalization. For now, that means searches (where appropriate) will feature a Facebook module that shows you what your friends have liked as it relates to that search, as well as a smarter people search results.

Beyond that, Bing is trying to dramatically improve people search. Much like Facebook’s site, Bing will recommend new friends based on mutual relationships. Bing now surfaces that data when you search for a name. From search results, you can add people as friends or send them a message.

The two companies are working on features including like data from friends alongside each search result. Further out, the companies see an opportunity to surface people who are experts in specific subjects.

Way to go facebook and Bing!

Here is our good old video about Searchles concept back in 2008. Unfortunately, lack of funding and not being located in Silicon Valley killed it:

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