U.S. Teens Send, Receive Average of 3,339 Texts Monthly

I just read the recent report from Nielsen that should make the wireless carriers happy, but the parents of those teens in the US miserable. According to the report, the average U.S. teen sends or receives 3,339 mobile text messages per month, an increase of 8% from last year, with teen female monthly text traffic reaching an average of 4,050 texts, compared with 2,539 for boys.

The report also found that 94% of teen mobile users now self-identify as “advanced data users,” using their phones for messaging, Internet, multimedia, gaming and downloads.

Average teen mobile data usage grew fourfold, from 14MB in the second quarter of last year to 62MB in 2010.

Male teens consumed an average of 75MB of data in the second quarter, compared to 17MB last year, while average mobile data consumption for teen females rose from 1MB to 53MB.

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3 Responses to U.S. Teens Send, Receive Average of 3,339 Texts Monthly

  1. We have the similar situation in Japan regarding the teens’ usage pattern of mobile phone. They tend to use more often on text messages rather than voice calls. They even send messages like, Good morning, or what’s up etc..and that’s it. Very short messages like these go back and forth with their teen friends, dozens of time or even hundreds of times just in one day!

    The problem that we are discussing is that teens’ heavy “dependency” on mobile phone and thereby they have to keep holding it in hands all the time even in dinner time( I heard even in a bath!), otherwise, they become anxious and feel lonely, have a sense of being isolated from friends. They just have to keep sending short messages back and forth with their friends. Therefore, they tend to have problems in communication with others.

    This is the negative side of mobile phone for teens. However, the technology has an impact on society in both positive and negative ways.

  2. Really… Sweden will connect 200 cities using Lte. They said slow speed is better than no speed. Big revolution ahead.

  3. Diane Phipps says:

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