Worn Magazine to Fashionize Awesome Washington, D.C.

I attended the 2nd issue launch party of Worn Magazine on Saturday night.  The event was hosted by Ada Polla, one of our Awesome Washingtonian of the day and Alchimie Forever‘s boss at their studio in Georgetown.

As a technologist, this is the first time I am covering a fashion related subject that I barely know anything about. So, my apology to those fashion maniacs  for writing the story brief. Although, I love fashion and truly enjoy watching fashionable women, but when it comes to the space. I am clueless. So, here we go…

My first impression of the concept behind Worn Magazine: As I’ve been trying to Awesomize Washington, DC with my Awesome DC, Worn tries to Fashionize the city with their awesome art, fashion, and photography techniques 🙂

Worn Magazine was founded by  fashion blogger, LA girl Nicole Aguirre earlier this year. The magazine is also supported in part by a 2010 Young Artist Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. With their basic black, white and red color scheme,  their art, fashion, photography is pretty creative and original – in particular for Awesome Washington, DC.

I had a nice chat with Nicole at the event about herself and her first venture. What I like about her the most,  is the way she has started Worn; during one of the worst recession in our Nation’s history. As I’ve  said it over and over, the greatest companies in our country, started during the recession period – companies like Microsoft and GE.

From what I learned at the event, the Worn Magazine and their blog, they have the same mission as Awesome DC with the focus on Art and fashion – they are also trying to position Nation’s Capital as a hub for fashion and art as supposed to classic politics, corruptions, and scandals. The publication intends to bring greater awareness of local fashion and art to the District and to the nation.

Their mission statement from the Web site:

It is our view that lives embellished with art and style are the best lived, and the magazine exists to encourage the flourishing of both in the DC community. We believe that creativity has the power to bring people together, showcasing commonality rather than difference. Through our partnerships with local artists and businesses, we strive to make DC a more art- and style-conscious city that is more accepting of various forms of personal expression.

Given the large number of people living in DC metro with great  interested in fashion, but not really a leading online media or publication touching the space or target such an audience, I think the magazine will be a great success. Nicole and her team shown below is  about to make Washington even more Awesome and I get to attend their parties – hopefully they will serve red wine next time 🙂

I have seen their magazine in many of the local cafes including my favorite, Dolcezza. You can also buy it through Paypal. It costs about $7. In such economy, it might be a little bit expensive,  but totally worth it. I have a copy of it at home and truly enjoy going through it.

Here are the photos from the event:


With Nicole Aguirre, founder of Worn Magazine



With Merin Guthrie, the head of marketing for Worn Magazine



With Ada Polla founder of Alchimie Forever



Worn Magazine Crew including their photographer, Josh Yospyn


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