Is Voogle Slowing Down the Net Neutrality?

According to the FCC Chairman, hell they are! At the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday in San Francisco, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski talked about the ongoing debate over net neutralityVoogle (the pact between Verizon and Google) caused quite a fuss or better say mess a few month ago when they came out with their proposal for net neutrality regulation. The proposal has certainly pissed off many including the FCC Chair.

“I would have preferred if they didn’t do exactly what they did when they did. It slowed down some processes that were leading to a resolution,” Genachowski said. The FCC said when the proposal first came out that they weren’t looking for more discussion on the topic. Instead they intended to move forward with reasserting FCC control over broadband.

Frankly, Voogle proposing anything to do with Net Neutrality regulations, is like letting drunk drivers propose traffic laws  🙂  The two companies  are in NO way legislative entities.

Given the history of Google and considering their primary business is in advertising, there’s certainly a degree of worry living online lives under Google’s watchful eye. As for Verizon, they have vested a great interest in pushing their own premium services and of course their apps down the wireless pipe before others, but that bandwidth costs money to acquire in the first place, and with the growing demands on networks, Verizon’s still entitled to a bit of traffic curation. It’s the FCC’s job to keep the general public’s interests in mind first and foremost.

Anyway, not much movement has been seen on the net neutrality front past six month or so. The way its going, I doubt we see anything by the end of this year either. I am sort of  pissed off that Net Neutrality isn’t a fact of life yet. What do you think of all this?

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