Text Messaging to 911? Will it be Practical?

From a few articles including the recent one I read on Wired, it looks like he FCC is pushing for a new project that let us to send emergency text messages to Police including images and videos. If people don’t abuse the service, it’s an awesome move by FCC.

Considering the problems in time of heavy usage during the emergencies with voice on mobile phones or when the signal is weak, the new technology would lead to better, faster responses from emergency workers. Text messages can get through more often than voice. Therefore, it seems natural to let us have this for our bag of tricks for times when voice service is not possible.

FCC even says 911 could be automatically notified of possible or likely emergencies by sensors, from OnStar to home alarms and many more.

The effort is part of the  “Next Gen 911” project under the supervision of the Department of Transportation. The project draws the expertise of public safety experts and EMS forces to identify and prioritize digital data.

I hope they have robust solution in place to cope with idiots who will potentially abusing the network.

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One Response to Text Messaging to 911? Will it be Practical?

  1. David Smith says:

    My Wife and Daughter are both Deaf. It’s practical for them…

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