The World Cup Video that Changed my Heart from Spain to mother Russia

Reporting live from London 🙂 I have been glued to the TV screen since 6:00 a.m London times watching six nations making their final pitch to the FIFA judge to win the Bid for hosting the World Cup 2018.

The bidders are England, mother Russia, Belgium/Netherlands and Joint venture  between Spain and Portugal. Every country had their last 30 minute pitch including a 3 minutes video today. The final decision will be made in a few hours. I have very little doubt Russia wins though. They are up against tough Nations with much better infrastructure and transportation systems to handle the crowd during the World Cup.

Although, I have been cheering for Spain/Portugal all along, but the video Russia presented by far captured my heart and attention for two main reasons:  🙂

1) They had picked one of my favorite Russian song  called “Moscow Never Sleeps” for the video.

2) You have no idea the number of times I fantasized like the little  Russian boy, Sasha in the video. Due to the f–ked government currently ruling my motherland of Iran, my fantasy never came through. So, I hope Sasha’s dream comes through 🙂

Here is what I captured from TV screen via my Android. I couldn’t find it on youtube. So, it’s a pretty fresh video. I wasn’t really expecting such a great video presentation. So, by the time I got my ass off the couch to get my Android phone, I missed the first 43 seconds. The video starts with Sasha’s face sleeping, then his mom calls his name three times asking him to wake up. As Sasha wakes up, he looks at the ball and his fantasy starts with the song “Moscow never sleeps” playing. They  changed the word “Moscow” to “Sasha”.  You got to be a guy and  into international football to really enjoy the clip.

Here is the video for the song “Moscow Never Sleeps”

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