The 5 Most Awesome Viral Video Ads in 2010

Starting with my favorite one, football. I mean real football known as soccer in America. They are all really funny and Impressive.

1. Write the Future Ad for Nike Football

Everyone in the world loves Football. Like myself, football players are the sexist sport men compare to any other players. Certainly, compare to the American football players 🙂 This epic video takes you through make-or-break moments of three soccer greats and how their lives change either way. It got millions of web views in its first week and was a great promotion for both the FIFA 2010 World Cup and Nike.

2. Embrace Life Ad for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership

The driving charade immediately accesses the viewer´s pure imagination and, once in there, touches a number of deep-placed emotional architypes. That way the ad goes beyond its brief and is a striking metaphor for interdependence – “embracing” the subject of road safety within that much larger all-embracing theme. We all love our differences but in the great scheme of things we share almost everything.

3. Master of Business Card Throwing Ad for Samsung

Wow! The guy in this Ad is like card ninjas man! Frankly, not sure it’s real, but certainly, I will check out the Samsung Digital Camcorder H205 next time I am in Tysons corner Mall.

4. Swagger Wagon Ad for Toyota Sienna

No comment. It’s just AWESOME !

5. Guy Walks Across America Ad for Levi Strauss & Co.

This video reminds me how amazingly beautiful the US is 🙂 The dude  makes it to DC in 27 seconds from his departure in NYC 🙂 Walking across America should take more than two minutes but this imaginative stop-motion-film from Levi’s definitely makes you want it to last even longer. The 2,770 still photos of a hipster footing it through America’s byways and landmarks clearly strike patriotic chords for a country in search of good news.

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