How the Internet was Used in 2010

The recent study by Pew Internet on 2,252 adults, aged 18 and older clearly shows that the older generations are catching up with younger internet users in using the Internet this year.

What’s most interesting to me, is the usage of email vs.  blogs. The color coordinated spreadsheet suggests that 10-19% of everyone aged 18-64 are blogging. That is an enormous number of people *generating* online content, as opposed to merely consuming it.  Indeed,”Blogging” is the only content-creation activity listed.

There are more interesting stories buried in that info graphic, such as “Health Info” being nearly ubiquitous across every age group, and a greater proportion (30-39%) of people under 65 accessing “Religious Info” than those 65 & over (20-29%).

People within the age of 18 to 33 are more likely to engage in many online activities than older generations including social networking, using,  instant messaging, playing online games, online music, and reading blogs.

Let’s see if my new gig, makes an impact on Pew’s next year report. 🙂

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