How To Increase Your Score On

It’s all about content, content, and content on your pages. Not any content! They have to be valuable enough that provides other users enough incentive to awesomize you, your company, products, and services.

The scores on your pages will also help you with your SEO effort. The more content and videos you add to your personal, company, and solution pages, the more they will be found by major search engines indexing them including google, Yahoo, etc.:

a) Make sure your user profile is 100% complete
b) Create a page for your company
c) Create a page for your products and services
d) Participate in their awesome Q&A. This particular feature is a great way to promote yourself, your company, your solution offering, and your expertise to our users and the fans& friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin without coming across as a spammer or pushy sales person.
e) From the menu bar in the left hand side of your personal page, click on “increase your score” and invite your trusted peers to awesomize you.

All your pages (personal, company, products, and services) are interconnected in the back-end. So, if one of your pages is doing well in ranking, it will help your other pages.

All that being said, you should also certainly read this It will be about PeopleRank and Crowdsourcing.

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