Wanna Make Love To The Tea or Drink It? How About both?

You have to stop by this new cute little tea shop just opened in Dupont Circle – The Capital Teas.  It’s a fantastic little joint right north of  Q Street & Connecticut Avenue.  They carry a very good selection of loose-leaf teas and accessories like tea sets, tea pots, car cups, and French presses.

We were passing by their store and saw several people in there trying out their teas like the wine tasting experience. They had about 3 pots brewed for you to sample but you can walk around and smell each individual tea as well.  The intensity of the flavors and smells is unbelievable and it will be hard to decide since they all smell very good.  The blends tend to be a basic tea base with additional flavors like dried fruits and spices rather than just an exotic tea.  Most are a black tea base but they have a lot of white and green tea as well.

The woman working did a great job educating us and others about certain teas.  Eventually we settled on their Moroccan Mint and Yoga teas.  Almost all of their teas are purchased in bulk and come in an attractive metal tin.  It’s a little pricy, but if you wanna a stay healthy and have a thing for tea, or are looking for a gift for a tea lover, chances are you’ll find something worthwhile here.

Here are some photos I took including their selections.

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