Black & Orange Poised to Prove That Size Doesn’t Matter

I finally had the opportunity to try out the newly opened Black & Orange Burgers in 14th St. Although, their burgers come in small sizes, but the promise of getting your dream orgasm is pretty much guaranteed. It took two of their quarter-pounds to give me mine 😉 JUST PERFECT!

The restaurant that prides itself on affordability, creativity, and quality of ingredients, makes their seven varieties of quarter-pound and half-pound burgers based on blending of fresh ingredients, simple foods and bold flavors into every burger they make. The beef is cooked to perfection and the meat is moist and tender not runny! They are cooked “pink or no pink. The bun is toasted so lightly, Lettuce, tomato, and onion extremely fresh! They provide tender sweet potato fries with four different flavors of mayos! Just yummy!

Unlike other popular burger places like Shake Shack, Five Guys, or BGR, Black & Orange has done a fantastic job on the quality of their burgers. And, I hope it stays that way. They differentiate their burgers with flavors built from inside the meat with herbs and spices, rather than with outside with toppings. Burger flavors range from an Asian-inspired Now and Zen, flavored with soy sauce and ginger, to the popular No Burger No Cry, which sets palettes on fire with a blend of Jamaican habanero peppers.

“Black & Orange reminds me of another local success story, the famous Moby Dick’s House of Kabob chain that opened their first location to people of Bethesda back in Spring of 1988. Since their inception, they have done a great job to stick to their principal – kept the quality high and the price very affordable. With such a principal, they managed to open 16 more Kabob locations and literally forced many of their competition to shut down. I think Black & Orange with their Awesome Burgers has the potential to be the next Moby Dick’s in around Washington, DC metro and perhaps the Nationwide!” Says Elias Shams founder of and a Washingtonian entrepreneur since 1985

If you don’t like beef, try out their Turkey patty and chicken breast with mushrooms, grilled vegetables, and goat cheese. Also, don’t forget to try out their fries—potato or sweet potato – very tasty served with a trio of wasabi, chipotle and Old Bay mayonnaises. You will also love the great atmosphere and the background music they play.

Black & Orange currently has two locations, one less than a block south of Dupont Circle and the other right at the intersection of 14 & U.

Learn more on their page here.  While at it, those of you already enjoyed their juicy burgers, awesomize them!

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