One Obvious Advantage of Having Your Brand Listed on

By now every marketer has realized the role of social media as one of the most important outlets of establishing a brand. Most of us have both personal and business pages on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn,, and Pinterest, the latest one. Although, they are all  great marketing channels, but I think excluding the Washington DC based startup,, the rest are just very passive.

Take a look at these two company pages on below as an example – ita Collection based in NYC maker of luxury handbags and Black & Orange Burgers based in Washington, DC maker of  burger obviously.

Leveraging the power of awesomization (rating) by the community on, there is a real-time score assigned to each item. You as the marketers can easily determine your most and least popular products.  You can also click on each user page who awesomized your brand to interact with them. Such stats will help you to improve the quality of those products in the bottom before they completely go out of favor.

Click on each image to see them in action:

ita Collection handbags

Black & Orange Burgers

Remember, your brand isn’t just a symbol or logo. It is an amalgamation of your core values and beliefs. Through branding, your clients know your values, what you believe in, stand for – and what you don’t. Your brand tells your consumers why you’re different and better than your competitors.

Get your branding right and you won’t have to prove your mettle to your client’s time and again. Your brand will tell them for you.

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