Five Awesome Tips to Use For Your Business is a trend that has become very popular for businesses for a more effective online presence, quality lead generation, and particularly for them to distinguish their quality vs quantity online fans, friends, and followers.  Like all other social networking sites, if you don’t use it right, you will just end up wasting your time.  That said, here are five awesome tips to leverage the platform effectively for both your personal use and as an effective online sales & marketing channel:

1. Create a page for each one of your products and services allows your business to go far beyond just a simple company fan page. You are provided the ability to create a page for each of your  products & services linked back to your company page . Having your product and service pages on provides a much more effective sales & marketing exposure to your solution offering and access to quality leads.  You can then leverage the power of rating by your existing clients for each page to acquire new ones.

2. Make sure all your pages are 100% complete

3. Include all of your other social media channels ( G+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, etc.) into each one of your pages
The site  is not just another social networking sites, rather a platform that provides your fans, followers, and your new clients enough intelligence about you, your company, your products, and services so they can easily decide where  to follow you and why.

Sample Business page

Sample Personal page

4. Get your trusted peers or existing client to awesomize you
The more and higher rating you receive on your pages, the more they will be found and accessed from search engine as well as Google and other popular search engines indexing your pages. Besides, the better and higher score by the crowd usually translates to a better incentive for others to purchase your goodies and to do business with you.

The score is automatically calculated based on the rating by the crowd

5. Very importantly! Get engaged with their Q&A feature
Their Q&A pages are pretty search engine friendly. Literally, every page gets indexed by Google. So, the more question you post or reply to questions posted by others on, the more your personal, company, product, and service pages will be found and accessed by others via Google.

To see this in action, just Google Josh Sippola, the social media strategist for CenturyLink. His pages rank higher than his Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter page. Better yet – it even ranks higher than his Google+ pages! The same rule applies for all the Q&A pages you create on

Here is a sample Q&A page. Check out the link to the user’s personal, company, product, and service page on the right hand side of the page. You can also automatically share each question page on your social media channel of choice.

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4 Responses to Five Awesome Tips to Use For Your Business

  1. Really cool features. Thanks for providing these tips.

  2. cityalice says:


  3. LinkedIn serves as dream recruitment platform and as a hub for freelancers. Testimonies are written for the LinkedIn users. However, there is no quantifiable assessment of the user. includes a peer-to-peer rating tool: individual to individual, business to individual, and vice versa. Shams’ site makes this possible because there are separate company and personal pages. One can leverage this function since it separates quality from the large quantity of online connections.

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