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Here is the list of the most awesomes in Washington, DC area:
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Curious how they made it to the top on awesomize.me? Their pages were awesomized (rated) by their trusted peers including online fans, friends, clients on both social and professional levels explained here in this video:

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Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year! to you All Awesome Washingtonian From awesomize.me !!!

Enjoy our favorite Christmas song 🙂

As our last reminder of 2014, drop the red meat !!! sugar and anything made out of it like cookies, cakes, and booze from your diet or else, most of you will end up like me a few years ago 😦
Cancer: One Of The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

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Washington, D.C. Finally Made It To The Forbes 2014 List Of Most Awesome City

After having lived and worked in many popular cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Paris, London, Bonn, Alicante, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C., I found DC as one of the most awesome and coolest city in America. That’s why back in 2009, I launched my D.C. based blog awesomeDC.com with the intention of showing the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. I have been covering everything in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, start ups,  parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians, specially, the gorgeous and model looking women of DC 🙂 Read more of this post

One year after cancer ambushed me…Come with me if you want to live!

Hard to believe it was a few hours after this memorable video with my little monkey a year ago today when I was ambushed by cancer that took me near the death experience.  And, a few short days later, the doc just poured it on me…”Elias, the chance that the  chemo works is 50/50″. In deed, time flies fast.

Thanks to the secret organized crime industries: the pharmaceutical, the booze, the tobacco, and the fast food industries  aka “Mafia”,  as well as the advertising industry promoting these killers  since 1970’s, cancer cells have become so smart these days – smart enough that they can hit you with no warning sign. Read more of this post

Thank You President Obama! Thank You!

The most well made with ZERO hype video in Politics ever made! Because of him, another American entrepreneur, that would be me :),  is alive today and covered with his pre-existing condition, working hard to start a new company and to create jobs. So, thank you Mr. President for your work!  FANTASTICO!

As I have worked hard to get the world to awesomize you, I’ll do my best to get America to awesomize you in Nov 2012. Considering the candidates you will be up against, It doesn’t look like you’ll be needing my help anyway 🙂 So please, don’t waste a dime on presidential campaign! Invest that on Startups in the Nation starting with mine, awesomize.me  only a few blocks from your house 🙂

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The Ass Size: Washington,DC, Virginia, and Maryland VS. Alicante, Paris, and London

Literally, every chair in the cafes across the EU has a nice comfortable thin cushion to sit on. At least those in London,Paris, and Alicante where I regularly travel to.

I rarely see cushion on any chairs in our cafes in the Washington, DC area. They all come with flat hard wood or metal chairs. I have always been wondering about it till now as I’m watching everyone’s ASS in Starbucks, Dupont Circle waiting for my meeting: Read more of this post

Awesome Historical Photos Of Washington D.C. Recreated Today

2032 Wyoming Avenue, Washington, DC.  Image: Jason E. Powell. See this scene today.

I used to live in 2141 Wyoming Ave 🙂

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Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Oct 20, 2010

Rachel Lynne Johnson

Live in: Washington, D.C.
Originally from: Virginia
Profession: Publicist, Rachel L Johnson Public Relations
What I like about DC the most: running in Georgetown Read more of this post

And the top three Awesome Washingtonians for the month of Sept 2010 are….


Take a goooood look at us! We are Awesome!!!


The rating was based on their average score – AND – the total number of votes from their network of friends, fans, followers on their social media channels as well as votes from Awesome DC audience.

The first awesome Washingtonian of the month

Magda Johanna Gomez
Nomination Date as the Awesome Washingtonian of the Day: Sept 15
Live in:
Washington, DC
Originally from: Colombia, South America
Profession: Board Agent/ Language Specialist at the National Labor Relations Board
What She loves about DC area the most: Read more of this post

Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Oct 8, 2010

Jennifer Allen

Live in: Leesburg, VA
Originally From: Indiana, PA
Profession: Independent Manager with Gold Canyon and 7th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher in Loudoun County
What I love about DC the most: Seven years ago I came to the DC area for my teaching profession.  I had previously lived in Western and Central Pennsylvania and my husband and I decided that Virginia was a great place to be.  Read more of this post