2014 Most Awesome Washingtonian Companies! Products! Services! and People! on awesomize.me

Here is the list of the most awesomes in Washington, DC area:
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awesome people

awesome services
awesome products
awesome companies

Curious how they made it to the top on awesomize.me? Their pages were awesomized (rated) by their trusted peers including online fans, friends, clients on both social and professional levels explained here in this video:

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We Did It! Awesome Washington, DC No.1 on Forbes List Of America’s New Tech Hotspots

Washington DC tech hub

Back in December of 2009, Elias Shams launched AwesomeDC blog with mainly One MISSION to accomplish:  To wipe out  all those Politics, corruption, and scandals crap from the face of Washington, DC.  Then to position the Nation’s capital as a city of technology, partying, clubbing and fun! Mainly  as a Tech hub. Read the 2nd paragraph right below the video of his interview with CNN where he says “My intention with this blog is to show the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. Frankly, I am not sure of that myself either, but I will try  I will be covering everything happening in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians” Read more of this post

Washington, DC Poised To Become More Awesome for Businesses Starting With LivingSocial

Earlier this week, the DC Council implemented another Business incentive that was recommended to DC mayor by the local entrepreneurs including myself. The Council unanimously passed  the Social E-Commerce Job Creation Tax Incentive Act of 2012 bill that provides LivingSocial, the social daily deals company with future tax breaks that could total $32.5 million over a 10-year period.  Read more of this post

Five Awesome Tips to Use awesomize.me For Your Business

awesomize.me is a trend that has become very popular for businesses for a more effective online presence, quality lead generation, and particularly for them to distinguish their quality vs quantity online fans, friends, and followers.  Like all other social networking sites, if you don’t use it right, you will just end up wasting your time.  That said, here are five awesome tips to leverage the platform effectively for both your personal use and as an effective online sales & marketing channel:

1. Create a page for each one of your products and services 
awesomize.me allows your business to go far beyond just a simple company fan page. You are provided the ability to create a page for each of your  products & services linked back to your company page . Having your product and service pages on awesomize.me provides a much more effective sales & marketing exposure to your solution offering and access to quality leads.  You can then leverage the power of rating by your existing clients for each page to acquire new ones. Read more of this post

The Boeing 787 landed in Awesome DC for the first time today!

Its awesome landing over Potomac River to Reagan National  was part of the six-month world Dream Tour that Boeing has scheduled for their awesome dreamliner Boeing’s 787 .

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First Crowdfunding Conference on May 14th in Awesome Washington DC

The Crowdfunding bill that was signed by President Obama last month will have its first conference next week in Awesome DC!

If you are still not sure what the bill is all about and what it means to your business, the bill classifies startups as “emerging growth companies” that can turn to online investors to raise startup capital. Those companies would also be able to sell up to $50 million in shares before having to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and have up to 1,000 shareholders which is double the current limitation. Read more of this post

Do You Think Your Business Idea Is A Head of It’s Time?

A few month after Yurie systems, my first startup employer was sold to Lucent for a cool $1.23 B, as employee number 8th, I cashed out my stock options and lunched telezoo.com back in 1999.  telezoo.com was the first B2B social networking site on the web years before myspace and Facebook of the world. I remember I ended up hiring  at least ten sales guy and wasted  a third of our series A funding, a cool $1 m on advertising to get the attention of the companies.  We rarely managed to get 300 companies to utilize the site.

Getting the companies to leverage the power of social networking to market their solution offerings and get engaged with their existing and potential clients online was something totally unheard of and premature.  Many of them even thought I was on dope 🙂 We had a good run with it till 2004 though. Read more of this post

[INFOGRAPHIC] Working From Home On The Rise!

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One Obvious Advantage of Having Your Brand Listed on awesomize.me

By now every marketer has realized the role of social media as one of the most important outlets of establishing a brand. Most of us have both personal and business pages on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, awesomize.me, and Pinterest, the latest one. Although, they are all  great marketing channels, but I think excluding the Washington DC based startup,  awesomize.me, the rest are just very passive.

Take a look at these two company pages on awesomize.me below as an example – ita Collection based in NYC maker of luxury handbags and Black & Orange Burgers based in Washington, DC maker of  burger obviously.

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The Most Awesome People, Company, Product, Service, and Question Categories in Feb of 2012

Here are the most popular and awesome peoplecompany, productservice, and question categories searched and viewed on awesomize.me in the month of Feb 2012. You may click on each link to see the top people, companies, products, services, and questions awesomzied by the community for each category.

Top 5 Awesome Question Categories:

1. Philosophical
2. Social Media 
3. Advertising     
4. Health & Medicine
5. Politics – North America

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