Awesome Washington DC is the Third Brainy City In America

On the eve of Awesome DC birthday, Portfolio Magazine ranked 200 cities in the US including our Awesome Washington DC in order of relative brainpower 🙂

Using new American Community Survey data along with their full methodology, the magazine assessed the average level of higher education obtained by the residents of 200 cities, coupled with their relative earning power of adults who live in them. Read more of this post

How much eight popular degrees pay?

For those curious about the average pay that comes with different bachelor’s degrees, we count down some of the most popular degrees from highest to lowest. The results may surprise you.

Source: Mid-career salary statistics from Payscale’s 2010-2011 College Salary Report.

Study Finance, Earn $91,500

While it may pale in comparison to petroleum engineers, who earn a whopping $157,000, finance graduates with a bachelor’s degree still do quite well, earning an average mid-career salary of $91,500. Typical finance careers include financial planners, bankers, and stockbrokers. Read more of this post

Washington, D.C. tops degree-holders list

An analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data says the Washington, D.C., area has the highest percentage of residents with college degrees.

In Washington and suburbs, more than 47 percent of people 25 years or older hold college or professional school degrees, reported.

The national average is just over 25 percent.

Nearly 44 percent of San Francisco’s residents have college degrees or a professional education, and Silicon Valley’s San Jose is third in the education race with more than 43 percent holding degrees. Read more of this post

WASHINGTON D.C. is the third best city for college students in the country

The American Institute for Economic Research, a non-profit, compiled the College Destination Index , which ranks the nation’s top cities for college students to live. After San Francisco and New York, our beloved Washington, D.C.,  is nominated  the best city for college kids in the country.

The AIER selected the top 75 cities for the index from 222 metropolitan statistical areas with at least 15,000 students.

The rankings are based on 12 criteria, including student diversity, cost of living and unemployment rate. Read more of this post

Oxford English Dictionary says Goodbye to Print

As I just watched this clip from early 90’s or late 80’s (I think),  I could not stop laughing my ass off! Read more of this post

Strayer University IT/ Entrepreneurs Club Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Strayer University has organized a seminar to discuss how students prepare for the corporate world.  Everyone is invited.

Mission: The mission of  SUITE Club (Strayer University IT/ Entrepreneurs Club) is to play a central role in promoting IT and entrepreneurship education to both undergraduate and graduate students. In part the mission of SUITE club is to establish itself as an organization pivotal to the success of students concentrating in Consulting, Operation Management and Information Systems at the Strayer University. Read more of this post

Five Awesome back to school Apps

1. Chegg

Chegg is a free app that does just that. It’s a textbook rental company with millions of titles to choose from, which is a real bonus considering you don’t have to brave the school book store and stand in line for hours. Read more of this post

‘Race to the Top’ Education Funds Awarded Washington, D.C. and 9 other States

The administration awarded $3.4 billion to nine states and Washington, D.C. in a national competition to encourage school reform that spurred far-reaching changes in many cash-starved states.

The awards unveiled yesterday are part of the administration’s $4.35 billion “Race to the Top” competition, launched last year, a program that set in motion a national effort to tie teacher evaluations to student achievement, increase the number of charter schools and overhaul low-performing schools. Read more of this post

Video Game Degree Programs Now Offered in Washington, D.C. schools

Three hundred American colleges, universities, art and trade schools will offer degrees in video game design, development, programming and art during the coming academic year, according to new research from the DC-based Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The list includes eight schools in Virginia, five in Maryland and two in Washington, D.C.

According to the firm, the figure, which is 20% higher than a year ago, indicates “the expanding role computer and video games play” in fields like healthcare, education, business and government.

This year’s list includes new programs such as the game design and digital studies program at Dartmouth College, gaming certificate program at Arizona State University and digital animation and interactive media at Ohio State University. Read more of this post

America’s Best Colleges

Here is the list of America’s Best Colleges according to Forbes. I highlighted the ones around Washington, D.C. area including the two I attended, University of Maryland for my undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering and George Washington University for my graduate program in Telecommunications Engineering. Read more of this post