Worn Magazine to Fashionize Awesome Washington, D.C.

I attended the 2nd issue launch party of Worn Magazine on Saturday night.  The event was hosted by Ada Polla, one of our Awesome Washingtonian of the day and Alchimie Forever‘s boss at their studio in Georgetown.

As a technologist, this is the first time I am covering a fashion related subject that I barely know anything about. So, my apology to those fashion maniacs  for writing the story brief. Although, I love fashion and truly enjoy watching fashionable women, but when it comes to the space. I am clueless. So, here we go…

My first impression of the concept behind Worn Magazine: As I’ve been trying to Awesomize Washington, DC with my Awesome DC, Worn tries to Fashionize the city with their awesome art, fashion, and photography techniques 🙂

Worn Magazine was founded by  fashion blogger, LA girl Nicole Aguirre earlier this year. The magazine is also supported in part by a 2010 Young Artist Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. With their basic black, white and red color scheme,  their art, fashion, photography is pretty creative and original – in particular for Awesome Washington, DC. Read more of this post

Awesome iPhone Apps for Fashion

1. Awesome App by Individual Designer

Apps by individual designers are, by and large, roughly the same. Each generally offers runway photographs and video footage, a slideshow of the current season catalog, a news feed, some background history about the designer and a store locator. Read more of this post

Awesome Fashion Deals on the Social Web

Given the large number of women living and working in DC area and their heavy engagement with various social media channels, here are a few more fashion sites you may want to check out next time you are surfing the Net. They all offer great deals.

Keep Your Cash

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Now I know Why Washingtonian Women Are Smoking Hot

I have lived and worked in many countries and cities. For some reason,  I  always found the Washingtonian women more  attractive compare to the ones  from other cities and countries.  I think I finally found out why – majority of them are in their late 20’s and low 30’s.

According to a  new research I just read on the  telegraph online, women in their late 20s and early 30s are considered more attractive than fresh-faced eighteen and nineteen year olds. The findings, from a survey of the opinions of over 2,000 men and women, found that beauty was as much rooted in personality as appearance.  Beauty was defined as being confident by 70 per cent of respondents, having good looks by 67 per cent and being stylish by 47 per cent.

Well! We got ton of them here in awesome Washington, D.C. Frankly, not sure this is a  good thing for Washingtonian women or not.

Given the large quantity of the women in D.C. between the age of 28 and 35, all smoking hot and mostly with great personality, we, men certainly have a tough time to pick  one. I mean think about it – how can we choose only one or even two? Read more of this post

eBay Fashion App built to serve the Washingtonian Babes

As if the Washingtonian babes needed yet another excuse to shop, there is also an App for that  – The eBay Fashion. It has features that offer real value to eBay’s fashion shoppers, without treading on the gimmicky.

The online auction house’s app is free on iTunes and is integrated with PayPal, so you can browse through millions of listings to buy new, designer, and vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories wherever you are, whenever you want.

The app gives you access to eBay’s listings in the fashion category, as well as the “Fashion Vault,” eBay’s version of Gilt Groupe, a site that offers a mix of designer luxury goods for up to 70% off retail prices beginning at noon ET every weekday.

Here are some of the main features: Read more of this post

Washington DC Finding Fashion Inspiration From the Bottom Up

Kamran Abdi
If you haven’t been in Georgetown or Mazza Gallerie for a while, I suggest you make the trip this weekend. I am glad I was dragged into the two areas by a friend last weekend after eight month. Ton of new stores have opened.  DC is certainly showing signs of a cutting-edge fashion leap where the kitten heel meets the pavement.

The independent boutiques are strutting in with hot, sassy footwear that truly seems revolutionary. It’s all the more impressive because it’s happening in fashion-challenged Washington, D.C., not New York or Italy. read more…