We Should Have kept the Russian Spy babe in Washington!

Anna Chapman appears to be the spy making the most out of her overnight celebrity following her arrest and ultimate deportation for her part in a Russian spy ring.

A scantily clad Chapman, 28, is featured on next month’s cover of Russian’s edition of Maxim magazine, editors revealed yesterday.

The red-headed spy dons black lingerie, diamond earrings, a silver automatic and a coy yet sexy smile.

In the issue, Chapman is billed as “the world-famous red-headed spy, the mysterious debutante from our list of the country’s 100 sexiest women.”

Since posting a behind-the-scenes video of Chapman’s tongue wagging photoshoot on their site, Maximonline.ru has reportedly crashed several times, a result of high volumes of traffic. Read more of this post

Who is pathetic enough to buy the Salahi’s dress?

I just read a report in the Washington Post that the D.C.’s most notorious real housewife,  Salahi, will auction the red and gold sari-style dress that she wore to the state dinner with her husband Tareq when the two crashed a White House state dinner for India last year.

The Old Town Alexandria–based Potomack Company auction house will put the dress on the block on October 2. Argetsinger reports that the dress is estimated to go for between $2,000 and $3,000 and that 80% of the proceeds will go to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund and to an as-yet-unnamed local charity. Read more of this post

How to Catch the S.O.B Liar

1. How is the person speaking?
Although a change in voice can be the tip-off to a lie, experts say that to be sure, you should also pay attention to a person’s speech rate and breathing pattern — if either speeds up or slows down, chances are you’re not hearing the whole truth.

2. What is the person saying?
Liars tend to avoid exclusionary words like “but,” “nor,” “except,” and “whereas,” because they have trouble with complex thought processes. Liars are less likely to use the words “I,” “me,” and “mine.” In their attempts to distance themselves psychologically from their tall tales, liars will tend to communicate using fewer personal pronouns. Read more of this post

Yay! I am famous now

At least my first name!

I hardly hear my first name on TV. This is certainly not the way I wanted to hear it first.  SH*T!

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Meet the Woman whose Vagina brought down the HP CEO

Or better say, HP CEO, Mark Hurd couldn’t keep his thing in his pants. I don’t blame the dude.  I mean look at her! She got the perfect curve!

Jodie Fisher, the HP contractor came forward on Sunday and said she never intended for Hurd to lose his job. If you missed the part I of the story, check it out here.

She just wrote in a press release:

“I was surprised and saddened that Mark Hurd lost his job over this. That was never my intention.”
“Mark and I never had an affair or intimate sexual relationship. I first met Mark in 2007 when I interviewed for a contractor job at the company.”

My question is:  How often does a CEO deal with potential low-level hires like “contractors?” I really don’t buy this. Read more of this post

Vagina Strikes Again!

No!  The target wasn’t a politician nor a Washingtonian this time. The target was the CEO, President and Chairman of the number 2 global computer maker, HP, Mark Hurd who is  resigning from all of his positions with the company effective immediately.

As for whose Vagina? A former HP contractor.

Guess what? Hurd gets $50 million severance that costs HP shareholders $10 Billion. This is what I call the perfect Strike 🙂  If it costs the shareholders that much money, why not just pay the girl $50 million and send her packing? No wonder companies are moving overseas. Corporate America is digging its own grave by allowing lawyers to create situations like this. Read more of this post

Tiger Wood’s former mistress Casting at Top Chef DC?

Top Chef Washington DC will premiere on 12 September on Arena.

Other shows starting on Arena in September are Project Runway the US version on the 13 September, and Celebrity Rehab Season three on the 16th.

Celebrity Rehab looks to be a cracker as it will have Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore, Mackenzie Phillips and Dennis Rodman. Read more of this post

From Russia to Washington, D.C. with Love

Given the recent Russian spy game between Moscow and Awesome Washington, D.C., the movie SALT about a Russian spy released last week, and the sexy Russian summer dress contest this weekend in D.C. I just covered, I decided to dig a little bit deeper and try to add more juice to this whole Russian spy thing.

Meet all Russian spies throughout history since the Soviet era, organized and shipped out from  mother Russia to operate in the West including D.C.: Read more of this post

“Potomac Fever” Reality Show to be launched in Washington, D.C.

First, there was “The Real World”, then “Top Chef“, then “The Real Housewife of D.C.”, and now another Reality Show  called “Potomac Fever” by Rob Lowe. Given he has always had an affinity for the adventures of young Washingtonians, I think this is a perfect role for him.

Actor Rob Lowe has teamed up with the production company 44 Blue to launch a reality series with the working title “Potomac Fever,” which  will center on real-life aspiring politicos as they look to move up the ranks of power in the nation’s capital.

The news comes less than two weeks after the D.C. season of Bravo’s “Top Chef” opened with the smallest crowd since the first season in March 2006, and a few months after MTV’s long-running “Real World” franchise limped out of Washington with the lowest-rated season in the show’s history. Read more of this post

Top FIFA World Cup Controversies in my Era

Starting with the recent one:

1. 2010

This happened just yesterday. The third goal by the US against Slovenia did not count by Koman Coulibaly, a Malian football referee for FIFA since 1999.

Koman Coulibaly’s controversial ruling on the Slovenia vs USA game cost USA the game. Koman Coulibaly controversy was followed with no explanation from Komna.

Landon Donovan told local news that, following the shocking ruling, when asked by USA team officials, Koman simply had no answer for his decision. Read more of this post