80 Social Media And Content Marketing Predictions: 12 Scream of awesomize.me Business Model

Content marketing institute  just released a list of  interesting predictions by 80 different  social & digital media gurus with the focus on  the relationship between brand and content, the evolution of blogging, the future of Google’s influence, content marketing and distribution. Read more of this post

Tired of Google Adsense? Try WordPress WordAds

If you have publicly visible blog with a custom domain name on wordpress.com, you can now make money from online advertising on your blog. The service powered by Federated Media  called WordAds and you can apply for it here.

Before you get too excited, not every wordpress.com blog will be eligible for the program. The selection will be based on your traffic, your user engagement, the nature of your content, and the language.

Although, I think this is a great move by WordPress, but most of their big blogs are already part of other niche Ad networks. How do they plan to get them, it will be exciting to see their execution. That said,  I would say  only small mom & pop blogs will apply for now including us.  Read more of this post

Hermione Way – The New Smoking Hot Media Entrepreneur in America

I was recently interviewed via Skype by Hermione Way, and she is determined to help startups to get their dream buzz that other media usually fail to do right. Although the quality of our skype video call wasn’t that great, I came away impressed with how she asked intelligent, though provoking questions and could grasp awesomize.me.  So, I decided to do a little bit of checking on Hermione Way. Those of you startup Washingtonians, you definitely need to be on her radar.

Hermione Way is a British journalist and media entrepreneur babe who moved to the US about six months ago.  She is currently based in San Francisco working for The Next Web.   What I like about her style compared to others like TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, Venturebeat,  as well as the major media giants like NY Times and LA Times who have covered my previous ventures, is her preparation and personal approach.  In our conversation, it was very apparent that she takes her time to study every startup, and subsequently goes about asking entrepreneurs the right questions. She brings a personal touch by interviewing them either face to face or via Skype. I find her and her approach very refreshing in the world of media and journalism – particularly when it comes to the coverage of tech startups which are typically more challenging to be understood by the journalists.

Read more of this post

Meet Awesome DC’s soulmate: Proudly Made In DC

Proudly Made in DC is a new website  recently brought to my attention by my CTO.  If you are an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and  particularly if you are a Washingtonian, you got to check them out as well as provide them with whatever support you can. Proudly Made in DC has a similar mission as my Awesome DC minus coverage  of  clubbing and partying around DC area.   The site focuses on technology and startups in the Washington, D.C. metro.  Their homepage lists all the great local startups including our own new venture, awesomize.me 🙂 Read more of this post

Is Huffington Post Copying Awesome DC?

Starting from the left: Smoking hot dude (that would be me), a random chick, a British looking dude, Arianna Huffington

A long time ago the English cleric and writer Charles Caleb Colton said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (well actually the word ‘form’ was added sometime later to the quote). Based on that I must be smoking hot!!!

I just received a note from a friend of mine that pointed me to an article on Huffington Post. They have apparently added a new feature called “HuffPost’s Greatest Person Of The Day”. This only 2 weeks after I had the pleasure of talking with Arianna Huffington during the FedTalks 2010 in DC and telling her about our “Awesome Washingtonian of the Day” feature!!! And they just launched this feature last night!

You nutty Arianna! You bad girl! It’s ok though. I take it as a compliment that your well known News website takes the idea from the little Awesome DC. Besides, we love you too much to get pissed at you. You have been doing a great job for this country and I applaud you for that. Read more of this post

Starbucks to Launch A Massive Digital Network

Starbucks is fast becoming a major digital player and it boost with millions of customers. Starting today, Starbucks customers who use the free Wi-fi at more than 6,800 U.S. company-operated stores will be greeted with the Starbucks Digital Network (SDN).  Starbucks announced the launch of its Starbucks Digital Network (SDN), a joint venture with Yahoo  that will offer news, entertainment and lifestyle content for free exclusively in Starbucks stores.

Our beloved local USA Today, The New York Times, Yahoo, SnagFilms, , WSJ.com, Bookish Reading Club, Apple’s iTunes Store, Foursquare, GOOD, The Weather Channel, and New Word City will be part of the network to provide content. Read more of this post

Worn Magazine to Fashionize Awesome Washington, D.C.

I attended the 2nd issue launch party of Worn Magazine on Saturday night.  The event was hosted by Ada Polla, one of our Awesome Washingtonian of the day and Alchimie Forever‘s boss at their studio in Georgetown.

As a technologist, this is the first time I am covering a fashion related subject that I barely know anything about. So, my apology to those fashion maniacs  for writing the story brief. Although, I love fashion and truly enjoy watching fashionable women, but when it comes to the space. I am clueless. So, here we go…

My first impression of the concept behind Worn Magazine: As I’ve been trying to Awesomize Washington, DC with my Awesome DC, Worn tries to Fashionize the city with their awesome art, fashion, and photography techniques 🙂

Worn Magazine was founded by  fashion blogger, LA girl Nicole Aguirre earlier this year. The magazine is also supported in part by a 2010 Young Artist Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. With their basic black, white and red color scheme,  their art, fashion, photography is pretty creative and original – in particular for Awesome Washington, DC. Read more of this post

Is NPR becoming like the Iranian State News Media Controlled by the Ayatollahs?

NPR is banning  their staff from attending Stewart, Colbert D.C. Rallies at the end of this month – “Rally to Restore Sanity”.

The company fired off an all-staff memo earlier this morning reminding employees of the company’s ban on attending rallies that the non-profit news organization covers. When did attending a rally become an endorsement? Also, how does it threaten objectivity? And finally, who cares if it does?

Last time I saw similar memo, it was from the Iranian State media controlled by the Ayatollahs forcing their staffer not attending the rallies from the Iranian presidential opposition leader, Mr. Mussavi. Read more of this post

Social Networks takes over Search Engines in Online News Distribution

In a new study about the news consumption and sharing habits of its international readership, CNN found that 43% of online news sharing occurs via social media networks and tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and My Space followed by e-mail (30%), SMS (15%) and instant messenger (12%).

As publishers and marketers well know, a small group of influencers is generally responsible for driving the spread of news. The study found that 27% of frequent sharers (those who share at least six stories per week) account for the online distribution of 87% of all news stories. The average consumer of online news content shares 13 stories per week and receives 26 stories via social media and/or e-mail. This proclivity for online sharing has contributed to an overall increase of news consumption in the U.S., another recent study from the Pew Research Center revealed. Read more of this post

Count down for the Shut down of Qualcomm FLO TV Mobile TV Service Begins

As we reported back in mid summer, Qualcomm  will finally shutter its FLO TV mobile TV subscription service by the end of this year. After hesitantly entering the direct-to-consumer side of the space just a couple years ago, Qualcomm is now cutting its losses on that front and is in the process of shutting down FLO TV.

The company is reportedly in talks with distribution partners AT&T and Verizon about the future of FLO TV, which launched via partners in 2004 and debuted its direct-to-consumer version in 2008. Read more of this post