We Did It! Awesome Washington, DC No.1 on Forbes List Of America’s New Tech Hotspots

Washington DC tech hub

Back in December of 2009, Elias Shams launched AwesomeDC blog with mainly One MISSION to accomplish:  To wipe out  all those Politics, corruption, and scandals crap from the face of Washington, DC.  Then to position the Nation’s capital as a city of technology, partying, clubbing and fun! Mainly  as a Tech hub. Read the 2nd paragraph right below the video of his interview with CNN where he says “My intention with this blog is to show the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. Frankly, I am not sure of that myself either, but I will try  I will be covering everything happening in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians” Read more of this post

Five Awesome Tips to Use awesomize.me For Your Business

awesomize.me is a trend that has become very popular for businesses for a more effective online presence, quality lead generation, and particularly for them to distinguish their quality vs quantity online fans, friends, and followers.  Like all other social networking sites, if you don’t use it right, you will just end up wasting your time.  That said, here are five awesome tips to leverage the platform effectively for both your personal use and as an effective online sales & marketing channel:

1. Create a page for each one of your products and services 
awesomize.me allows your business to go far beyond just a simple company fan page. You are provided the ability to create a page for each of your  products & services linked back to your company page . Having your product and service pages on awesomize.me provides a much more effective sales & marketing exposure to your solution offering and access to quality leads.  You can then leverage the power of rating by your existing clients for each page to acquire new ones. Read more of this post

awesomize.me Poised To Make Social Media To Finally Work for B2B

With the rapid growth of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now Google+, businesses around the world have incorporated the use of such platforms as part of their marketing and branding strategy. While there is no dispute that these platforms offer exposure to a broad population, it has been a struggle for these platforms to demonstrate a compelling ROI to the business community. The  GM decision to pull out their Ads from Facebook that was initially reported by the Wall Street Journal  is  just one of the recent example.

According to the latest survey by Hubspot, only LinkedIn has demonstrated the ability to convert traffic to leads for the B2B community that is on par with “traditional” marketing avenues by demonstrating a 2.6% conversion rate. Obviously, given the size of the population on these sites, the ability to effectively convert the visitors to actual leads could be a powerful business tool! Read more of this post

Thank You President Obama! Thank You!

The most well made with ZERO hype video in Politics ever made! Because of him, another American entrepreneur, that would be me :),  is alive today and covered with his pre-existing condition, working hard to start a new company and to create jobs. So, thank you Mr. President for your work!  FANTASTICO!

As I have worked hard to get the world to awesomize you, I’ll do my best to get America to awesomize you in Nov 2012. Considering the candidates you will be up against, It doesn’t look like you’ll be needing my help anyway 🙂 So please, don’t waste a dime on presidential campaign! Invest that on Startups in the Nation starting with mine, awesomize.me  only a few blocks from your house 🙂

Read more of this post

Awesome Jonathon Perrelli: Fools Are A Necessary Part Of The Economy

Here is an awesome inspirational message by Jonathon Perrelli with Fortify.vc to those who are as fool as me, currently struggling to find employment, and have at least 10% entrepreneurial DNA. Given our current economy and unemployment rate, I don’t think I need to remind you that most of the existing successful companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE launched their ventures during the poor economy. So, his message below is SIMPLEMENTE PERFCTO!

Message to Fools:
“If you have a day job, and you love it, shout hooray! If you woke up and realized that you are being pimped by an evil corporation and not being treated fairly, or you are bored out of your mind, or too smart to be locked down, get up and grab your red stapler and walk the F out the door. Fools are a necessary part of the economy and I too have been a fool more than once in my career, so I too “get” that it is quite difficult to leave the day job, etc. So either explore your business as a hobby (but not for too long) or live vicariously through your Founder and Farmer friends. Turn your dream into an innovative product or service. Be bold, but be careful. Know your personal financial situation and speak with others who have made the jump from Fool to Founder, prior to grabbing your stapler”  Jonathon Perrelli with Fortify.vc.   Read more of this post

Incentives for Your High Tech Business in Awesome Washington, DC

How the DC High Tech Incentive Program Can Help You Grow Your Business

Washington, DC has emerged as a hotbed of entrepreneurship and technology in the Mid-Atlantic region and nationally. High technology startups located in DC are eligible for incentives to help them reduce costs and grow. If you are the owner of a high technology startup with at least two employees, or you may soon find yourself growing to this level, then you may be eligible for DC’s High Tech Incentive program. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this program, then look no further than a panel discussion with representatives from the DC government, area financial professionals, and startups taking advantage of the high tech incentive program. Read more of this post

80 Social Media And Content Marketing Predictions: 12 Scream of awesomize.me Business Model

Content marketing institute  just released a list of  interesting predictions by 80 different  social & digital media gurus with the focus on  the relationship between brand and content, the evolution of blogging, the future of Google’s influence, content marketing and distribution. Read more of this post

Branding: Search VS. Social? How About Search AND Social?

With the rapid emergence and adoption of social media as a marketing tool, today’s marketers have been spending a significant amount of their time leveraging social media channels with customer interaction, collaboration, and idea generation being the main incentives for them to jump on such the social media bandwagon.

Despite all that, search engines are still the king when it comes to online marketing for the following reasons: Read more of this post

DC Technology Business Innovation recommendations – Presentation Transcript

The pretty one is me, Jamey is the other one

A few month after Vincent Gray, our new mayor was elected last year,  one of the most awesome Washingtonian entrepreneurs, Jamey Harvey, founder of the DC based startup, Sponto and Marullus Williams, President and CEO of Limbic Systems, the DC based IT solution provider led a group of civic minded, entrepreneurial technologists and investors in a conversation about what we could do to make DC more awesome for Startups. The group included Peter Corbett, Jonathan Aberman, Doug Humphrey, Susan Banta, Julie Silard Kantor, Adam Rubinson, Wolf Ruzicka, Dutch Dunham and me, the awesomizer.

The mayor has declared this to be the technology startup month and he’s hosting a group of tech CEO’s soon to continue this conversation face-to-face.

Thanks to Jamey who put this slide together, here is the summary of what we did. Feel free to share it with those in your network. Read more of this post

Tired of Google Adsense? Try WordPress WordAds

If you have publicly visible blog with a custom domain name on wordpress.com, you can now make money from online advertising on your blog. The service powered by Federated Media  called WordAds and you can apply for it here.

Before you get too excited, not every wordpress.com blog will be eligible for the program. The selection will be based on your traffic, your user engagement, the nature of your content, and the language.

Although, I think this is a great move by WordPress, but most of their big blogs are already part of other niche Ad networks. How do they plan to get them, it will be exciting to see their execution. That said,  I would say  only small mom & pop blogs will apply for now including us.  Read more of this post