to Offer offline Access for the Mobile users

If you have been using the cloud-based document sharing and storage provider,’s services, they recently updated their iPhone and iPad application with support for offline downloads and background processing in iOS 4.

Translation: In addition to being able to access, share and comment on content on-the-go, you’ll now be able to: Read more of this post

Washington, D.C. to become Googlized

Google secured a coveted security clearance, which is the first cloud computing app suite to receive the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification. This means Google’s system is now considered reliable for handling non-classified government data.  Read more of this post

Cloud Computing: Minority Report style surfing and browsing by 2020

Cloud computing has already become a big focal point for a lot of application developers and is going to continue to rise and expand. Web technology isn’t a thing of “page viewing” anymore, and has become a highly advanced programming structure.

Before you continue reading my article, take your time to watch this clip from the 2002 movie, Minority Report: Read more of this post

Desktops Gone With The Cloud – Think Smartphone

by Elias Shams
On my way back to DC from NYC  yesterday, I read an interesting article about one of Google’s vice-president, John Herlihy and his view of desktops vs smartphones.  He is predicting the desktops will be irrelevant in three years time and the Smartphones will take over. Well, given they are not in PC business, and having aggressively exercised their push for the Android Operating System and Nexus One, no surprise there for his prediction.  Frankly, this was expected. In fact, I covered such prediction a few times on my blog. I guess we should thank Apple, Google, and RIM for the launch of their iPhone, Android, Nexus One, BlackBerry, and now iPad which has significantly contributed the path to such direction.

The rise of Cloud Computing in conjunction with widget-style applications developed for the mobile phone platform have contributed to faster adaptation of doing many tasks via our smartphones.  I also think the testosterone war between Apple and Adobe over HTML5 vs Adobe’s Flash that began since the launch of iPad last month will be a factor in such transformation. Read more…