Poised To Make Social Media To Finally Work for B2B

With the rapid growth of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now Google+, businesses around the world have incorporated the use of such platforms as part of their marketing and branding strategy. While there is no dispute that these platforms offer exposure to a broad population, it has been a struggle for these platforms to demonstrate a compelling ROI to the business community. The  GM decision to pull out their Ads from Facebook that was initially reported by the Wall Street Journal  is  just one of the recent example.

According to the latest survey by Hubspot, only LinkedIn has demonstrated the ability to convert traffic to leads for the B2B community that is on par with “traditional” marketing avenues by demonstrating a 2.6% conversion rate. Obviously, given the size of the population on these sites, the ability to effectively convert the visitors to actual leads could be a powerful business tool! Read more of this post

80 Social Media And Content Marketing Predictions: 12 Scream of Business Model

Content marketing institute  just released a list of  interesting predictions by 80 different  social & digital media gurus with the focus on  the relationship between brand and content, the evolution of blogging, the future of Google’s influence, content marketing and distribution. Read more of this post

Tired of Google Adsense? Try WordPress WordAds

If you have publicly visible blog with a custom domain name on, you can now make money from online advertising on your blog. The service powered by Federated Media  called WordAds and you can apply for it here.

Before you get too excited, not every blog will be eligible for the program. The selection will be based on your traffic, your user engagement, the nature of your content, and the language.

Although, I think this is a great move by WordPress, but most of their big blogs are already part of other niche Ad networks. How do they plan to get them, it will be exciting to see their execution. That said,  I would say  only small mom & pop blogs will apply for now including us.  Read more of this post

How the Internet was Used in 2010

The recent study by Pew Internet on 2,252 adults, aged 18 and older clearly shows that the older generations are catching up with younger internet users in using the Internet this year.

What’s most interesting to me, is the usage of email vs.  blogs. The color coordinated spreadsheet suggests that 10-19% of everyone aged 18-64 are blogging. That is an enormous number of people *generating* online content, as opposed to merely consuming it.  Indeed,”Blogging” is the only content-creation activity listed. Read more of this post

The 5 Most Awesome Viral Video Ads in 2010

Starting with my favorite one, football. I mean real football known as soccer in America. They are all really funny and Impressive.

1. Write the Future Ad for Nike Football

Everyone in the world loves Football. Like myself, football players are the sexist sport men compare to any other players. Certainly, compare to the American football players 🙂 This epic video takes you through make-or-break moments of three soccer greats and how their lives change either way. It got millions of web views in its first week and was a great promotion for both the FIFA 2010 World Cup and Nike.

Read more of this post

Is Voogle Slowing Down the Net Neutrality?

According to the FCC Chairman, hell they are! At the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday in San Francisco, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski talked about the ongoing debate over net neutralityVoogle (the pact between Verizon and Google) caused quite a fuss or better say mess a few month ago when they came out with their proposal for net neutrality regulation. The proposal has certainly pissed off many including the FCC Chair.

“I would have preferred if they didn’t do exactly what they did when they did. It slowed down some processes that were leading to a resolution,” Genachowski said. The FCC said when the proposal first came out that they weren’t looking for more discussion on the topic. Instead they intended to move forward with reasserting FCC control over broadband. Read more of this post

Will You Ditch Your Email for Facebook email?

From a blog post I read on TechChruch last week, it looks like Facebook is expected to introduce a Web-based email service today, which is being referred to internally as a “Gmail killer”.  Although the report says the domain name for the email would be address, but I think it will be that Facebook recently acquired. We shall find out shortly.

The email service could also potentially integrate Facebook features like photos, events and local deals, and prioritize emails based on the strength of social connections with various contacts. Read more of this post

2 Billion Internet Users By the end of 2010

The number of Internet users will surpass 2 billion before the end of 2010, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said in a report.

The current world population is estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 6.876 billion, which would mean that approximately 30% of the population will be online at the end of this year.

There will be 226 million new Internet users this year, 162 million of which will be from the developing countries. Despite the fast growth of Internet users there, the developing countries still have a long way to go to catch up with the developed world. Read more of this post

Free Wi-Fi Influences Choice of Destination Site

According to a recent report from In-Stat, the availability of free Wi-Fi service significantly contributes to the websites we will end up visiting.

The report noted that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said the availability of free Wi-Fi influences their choice of destinations, while 31% of those surveyed said free Wi-Fi “may influence” their decision. Only 5% said the availability of free Internet access would have no impact on their decision. Read more of this post

T-Mobile: America’s New Bastard

(the pact between Google and Verizon Wireless) hasn’t killed the Net Neutrality yet, but many wireless carriers have already started their abuse. The new bastard is “T-Mobile” which happens to be my own carrier too 😦 Their case is yet classic example of a totally arbitrary decision by a carrier to block text message calls between consumers and organizations they want to communicate with. Read more of this post