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For submitting your Stories

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We accept and publish two types of stories from our audience:

a) General stories/News that fit any of the categories in the right hand side of the page. Excluding the technology category, your story has  to be DC related.

. Your story has to be related to the Washington, DC  including Maryland and Virginia

. Review a couple of our stories to get a sense of the writing style

. Include all the supporting links and images for any names, logos, references, location map you have in your story. It will help if you also send us one or more supporting online video link (from youtube, myspace, metacafe, etc.) related to your story

b) Personal DC Stories/Tales: If you used to be a Washingtonian or you are currently a Washingtonian, we would love to cover one or more of your personal DC related stories like these. Your story will be saved under your name under DC Tales category.

Please, include any of the following information about yourself

. A link to any of your social networking profile (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, etc). So, we can send you traffic and like minded people who find your story interesting and interested in connection with you.

. Like this sample DC tale, do your best to provide us with as many supporting link  as possible to your references.

. Your picture

. If possible a related video from youtube or any other online video sites.

20 Responses to Contact

  1. Samineh Filsouf says:

    You are doing a great job! keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Elias,

    It was great meeting you yesterday at GWU. I enjoyed listening to you and value some of your entrepreunal experiences

    I would appreciate if you could email me your contact details.



  3. Gary Klark says:

    Is this just a way to get photos of pretty girls on your site?

    • Elias Shams says:

      Well, it just happened all the girls in DC are pretty? That is ONE of the reasons the blog is called Awesome DC 🙂 Referring to the categories in the right hand side and the About section, I cover Technology, parties, clubbing, and event. I am showing the good side of DC and not just the politics, scandals, and corruption.

      Thx for the comment

  4. Lynn says:

    Thanks for letting your readers know about Hillwood, Elias. I just wanted to update the information about the current exhibition. It’s Sevres Then and Now: Tradition and Innovation in Porcelain, 1750-2000. You can read more on the Website. Fragile Persuasion was on view last year. Have a great visit to Hillwood!

  5. Jon says:


    I just relocated to the DC Area and am looking to join a professional/social club and wanted to see if you or any of your members had any recommendations?


  6. Sean Cease says:


    Just thought I would throw this out but all of your Ads open in the same window, which for a your sake isn’t a good way to keep readers. Might want to open a new window or a new Tab when they click on the ads…don’t lose your readers to your ads ..


  7. David says:

    Hi Elias,

    I am David Printis President / CEO of De-U Records, Inc located in Washington D.C. I am the producer of the original “Multiplication Hip Hop” I see you posted a story on one of my out of town impostors. This is no fault of your own. Now it’s time to show some love to the real home town hero! lol. Please check me out at


  8. Dee O'Horan CTA says:

    Working on blog and I am on a linkedin site
    Great idea keep in touch to let me know how this is going.
    Here is my career goals
    My goal is to be a part of a successful dynamic company that creates a great impact on business and the community.
    My desire is to work in a fast paced atmosphere where I can be creative and use my many talents as a part of the hospitality industry.
    I am looking for a place where I can grow in my career, and reach the goals that I have made for my career life.
    My exposure throughout the Baltimore business community gives me the opportunity of creating great experiences for the guest.
    Taking pride in my work and accomplishments gives me the ability to take the steps in reaching my career goals.
    Over the pass fifteen plus years I have had the opportunity to plan many wine tours, tours of the city of Baltimore, our nations capitol Washington DC, our state capitol Annapolis and Philadelphia. These were created around the interest of those attending the tour. I am constantly attending educational outings, and tours so that I will in turn be able to help create for others.
    As a leader of the concierge association of this city and a member of the concierge community of professionals I have created meetings for others to be in the know of the latest happenings of the city and places of interest.
    I have had the opportunity to lead this organization in growth and interest and making it one of the best associations for networking in our city.
    In creating round table discussions on Social Media many have been able to understand and become familiar with the social media of today.
    Throughout my career I have been chef concierge, event planner. Wedding coordinator, front office person, sales for transient and corporate travelers, sales desk coordinator, reservation specialist, trade show organizer and a party creator.
    With my interest in travel and also photography, I have visited many European countries and most of the states here in this country. I have a great love of adventure that includes history and geography. I have many files of places of interest and also photos of my travels that help me to create a great mental picture for the guest.
    As apart of the hotel community I have helped to develop the concierge department to have an avenue of information for both the guest and fellow concierge’s Also by being creative in scheduling and information alleys that make information immediate accessible the concierge team is content in their work and able to reach their career goals.
    Over the years I have received many rewards , that includes being nominated for hospitality person of the year for the years 2008 and 2010, Spirit to Serve Award for Marriott for eight times. I have been featured in Gather magazine on bringing more business and conventions to our city.
    I have been recognized for work done for Kennedy Krieger, Federation of the Blind and the Certified Tourism Ambassadors of Baltimore and the Concierge Association.
    I am an active member of many associations if our city which gives me the ability to connect and be in the know .
    As a part of the Social Media Community I participate in discussion groups on Linkedin and other social media networks. I keep in touch with what is happening in the city through the Face book connections to restaurants, museum, and advents.

    Thank you
    Dee O’Horan CTA

  9. Kennan Clark says:

    Per our linkedin conversation… The “communication” related concept that my partners and I will be releasing to market in next several weeks is called customer-cam.

    Here is a link to the prelim demo video:

    Customer-cam is a customer engagement tool that a business can place on ANY webpage or even in emails that puts the customer 1 click away from instant face to face conversing between any site visitor / potential customer and a company’s sales force.

    Thoughts? Development version demo requests? Feel free to contact me…

  10. Hello Elias,

    I am writing to you with a business offer that I hope you might find useful.

    I represent SaM Solutions Gmbh ( with headquarters in Gilching (Germany), a software development company with 16 years of experience in IT. We are proud of our long-term projects for leading European companies like Siemens, Fujitsu, European Patent Office.
    We deliver customized IT solutions, QA and Testing services with optimized cost allowing you to reduce the budget of your products thanks to our offshore resources in Belarus and Ukraine.

    Elias, could you let me know if you might be interested in our services?

    I will be happy to send you more info about us and our references upon request.

    Best regards,
    Aleg Hrybouski
    QA Manager

    tel.: +375 17 3091709
    fax: +375 17 3091717

    Skype: aleg_hrybouski
    ICQ: 359092771

    SaM Solutions
    Minsk office (+2 GMT)
    Value of Talent. Delivered.

  11. Respected Elias

    I would like to introduce myself as a M.S. in Mathematical Finance Graduate from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and thereby looking for a Full Time opportunity in Quantitative field.
    I therefore look forward to further discuss my qualifications and demonstrate how I will be the perfect fit for full time position. So kindly provide me your mail id so that i can mail you my CV so as to take process further.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    Thanks and Regards
    Sanchit Bhardwaj
    Phone: 1-848-565-5213
    Email Id:

  12. Hey! Just a note, the Facebook link from this site doesn’t work 😦 Anyways, take care 🙂

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