For weekly or monthly sponsorship advertising opportunities, we offer the following zones on Awesome DC website.

The Ads in Zone B,C, and D might rotate on weekly or monthly basis.

The Ads in Zone 1A and 2A will both be from the same sponsor and will stay within the article for three months. Each article will be shared and indexed in major social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Aol) as described below:


JPG and GIF are the only acceptable format.


In addition to the 1000 daily visitors to Awesome DC web site, we utilizes the following social media channels to maximizes the exposure to our articles and your Ads on our site.

Depending on the nature of the articles, we push them through the following groups and channels

LinkedIn Groups (members)

On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs (141,300)

Telecom Professionals (107,000)

Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Buzz Innovators (95,000)

Green (84,000)

ThoseinMedia (70,000)

Information Security Community (60,000)

Startup Specialists (45,200)

Music and Entertainment Professionals (35,000)

Marketing & Communication Network (33,000)

Google Group (25,200)

Social Media Today (24,400)

Microsoft Business Intelligence (19,700)


Future Social Media (16,000)

Information Security Network (15,500)

LTE (Long Term Evolution) – 3GPP (14,500)

Photography Industry Professionals (14,400)

The George Washington Alumni Association (11,500)

Mac Users (11,300)

Health 2.0 (11,000)

DFW Entrepreneur Network (8000)

Total Telecom Professional Network (8,000)

Professional Photography (7,500)

Wireless Internet Industry Executives (6,400)

Band of Entreprenurs (6,200)

WiMAX360 Group (6,100)

iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet & Mobile Application Development (5,600)

Startups and Entrepreneurs Get Funded (4,900)

Entrepreneur’s Network (3,450)

The Blog Zone – A community for serious bloggers (3,000)

Digital Publishing Network (2,800)

WiMAX Channel (2,600)

Washington, DC Young Professionals (2,400)

Mobile Broadband (2,000)

Worldwide WiMax Professionals (1,900)

Innovative APP Users & Developers for Smartphone Devices (1,800)

Online Publishers Network (1,800)

DC Entrepreneurs and Start-up Connections (1,320)

Gov 2.0 Events (800)

CXO Telecommunications (200)

Social Media & Brands (90), Facebook and Twitter

Total number of audience via social media channels: over 800,000 targeted audience

Pricing & Submission

Please contact us or submit all material at least a week in advance to awesomedc [at] ymail [dot] com

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