Five Awesome Blackberry Apps for iPhone! What?

Those of you Blackberry users are about to dump your phone for iPhone for all its cool app, hang on. The following awesome iPhone tricks, which is just a start, can be accomplished by BlackBerry Apps.

1. Doodling

Doodle Buddy lets iPhone and iPad users finger paint all over their touch screens, drop in stamps, and even collaborate with friends over the Internet.

Doodle allows owners of the touch-screen BlackBerry Storm do the same thing for $0.99. Similarly, Make a Mess has fewer features but doesn’t charge. BlackBerry enthusiasts who prefer navigation via ball don’t need to feel left out, either. SketchIt allows them to make Etch A Sketch drawings using the scroll ball or keypad.

2. Photoshop

Adobe makes an app for the iPhone that crops, rotates, changes the color of, and draws on photos. There’s even a Soft Focus feature. Sadly this awesome app has no BlackBerry sister, but the unbranded BlackBerry version, imgEdit, accomplishes just as many editing tasks. Plus it a has “a special Warhol effect.”

3. Cute Bubble Text Messages

changes BlackBerry text messages to an iPhone-like speech bubble format. All you need to do is block incoming text messages from your regular inbox, and you can use the app as an alternative.

4. Remote Control Capability

iPhone users can purchase an accessory that plugs into the USB port and allows them to use their iPhone as a TV remote. The problem with this is that it changes the “where is the remote?” question to a “where is my USB accessory?” question. BlackBerry’s version of a home theater remote control, however, is a box that sits near entertainment equipment rather than connecting to a phone. The AV Shadow can use one phone to control your television, TiVo, DVD player, and satellite box. You can even use your BlackBerry to control Apple products like iPods.

5. Doppler Radar

There’s something about the weather that turns us all into geeks. The iPhone has widgets and apps specifically designed to supply live radar maps to wannabe weathermen. While there isn’t a specific radar map app available for BlackBerry users, the “maps” feature of the Weather Channel’s free app is more than adequate for backing up amateur forecasts.

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All Aboard… the Highspeed HTML5 Train is Leaving

Thanks to the inception of iPad with its anti Flash slogan, the HTML5 integration in certainly on a roll . First is was Virgin, then CBS, then Youtube, and now AOL all going HTML5.  Are these the  signs that Flash might fade away in a few years?

A few weeks ago, youtube unveiled their new version of its  mobile website ( compatible with any HTML5 mobile web browser, including the iPhone’s and Android’s. Result: Playing their videos is now much faster with a much better quality. Read more of this post

Apple and their hard on for killing Flash

by Elias Shams
As Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight duke it out over their plugin-based, HTML-alternative web platforms, Apple is developing an alternative to Adobe’s Flash, called Gianduia which it banned developers from using on its iPhone and iPad products According to Apple Insider.

From what I remember, Apple actually introduced Gianduia last summer at WOWODC (World of WebObjects Developer Conference), an independent event scheduled near the company’s own WWDC event in June. Gianduia, named after an Italian hazelnut chocolate, is “essentially is browser-side Cocoa (including CoreData) + WebObjects, written in JavaScript by non-js-haters,” according to a tweet by developer Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch. Read more of this post

Apple The Greek VS Adobe The Trojan

by Elias Shams
Referring to one of my last post about Steve Jobs using iPad as his Trojan Horse, I am slowly beginning to believe that indeed he launched the iPad to revolutionize the Web by killing the Flash with HTML5 using the iPad as his Trojan Horse:

According to the recent poll conducted by Mashable, HTML5 handily knocked out Adobe Flash. With 3,891 votes, HTML5 garnered 61% of the polls. Adobe Flash was able to muster 1,779 votes (28%), while 660 said it was a tie (10%). Read more…

Will America Be Saved By Intel

by Elias Shams
Just finished reading one of the recent press release by Intel from my morning heaven, Tryst café in the heart of Adams Morgan.  It looks like the day I was on my way back from London to DC, Intel chief executive Paul Otellini was in our town unveiling their latest initiative called the Invest in America Alliance.

Intel will join forces with two dozen venture capitalist firms to invest 3.5 billion dollars in innovative US businesses including wireless infrastructure over the next two years and secured pledges from 17 tech companies to get bright college graduates into technology jobs. The Invest in America Alliance intends to achieve the following objectives: Read more…

Is iPad Apple’s Trojan Horse?

by Elias Shams
Blogging this post from Heathrow Airport, London as waiting for my flight to head back to my Awesome Washington, DC.

Referring to one of my earlier posts, most likely,  iPad will be like your hot partner you won’t be able to shag. I was just reading this new article in one of my favorite coffee shop at Heathrow about iPad battery life time down to 1.5 hours from 10 hours if using Flash. Why didn’t Apple disclose such critical information before the launch of  iPad last month? Does Steve Jobs have a dark side? It’s hard to believe a guy like him had no previous knowledge of getting Flash to work on iPad would significantly reduce iPad’s battery life.

I am not really a Microsoft fan, but, funny how Apple busted Microsoft’s balls for telling people to update their PCs with the release of Vista. It sounds like Apple is becoming the new Microsoft, Microsoft has already become the old IBM. And, of course, IBM is still IBM. Perhaps, lack of support for Flash in iPad was just Apple’s  Trojan horse strategy hoping to achieve one the following:

a) Either, to get the entire market to dump Adobe’s Flash for  HTML5, a new version of the programming language that will enable websites to stream video and display rich graphics without Flash.

Or, to get people continue buying from iTunes.  If  iPad had Flash, people would listen to music, watch TV, play games not created or sold by Apple. It sucks, but he’s not going to risk losing all of that revenue. Read more…