We Did It! Awesome Washington, DC No.1 on Forbes List Of America’s New Tech Hotspots

Washington DC tech hub

Back in December of 2009, Elias Shams launched AwesomeDC blog with mainly One MISSION to accomplish:  To wipe out  all those Politics, corruption, and scandals crap from the face of Washington, DC.  Then to position the Nation’s capital as a city of technology, partying, clubbing and fun! Mainly  as a Tech hub. Read the 2nd paragraph right below the video of his interview with CNN where he says “My intention with this blog is to show the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. Frankly, I am not sure of that myself either, but I will try  I will be covering everything happening in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians” Read more of this post

Another Reason Why Washington DC is Awesome!

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American Football vs the World Football

I have been living in the US since 1985 and never understood why American football is called “football” given the ball is not even really a round ball and the players barely touch the ball with their foot. The American football should have been called “handegg” or “Fatball”:-)

The answer is well put by the British comedian, John Cleese. It sounds like American football is not all about sport. The advertisers and sponsors want to orchestrate it like that for profit.

The world football (known as soccer here in America) is the most democratic sport on earth. You just need a ball and a flat surface and you are ready to play. You don’t have to be tall, big, strong (like the players in the American football) to play it. Don’t need any expensive equipment so, rich or poor, anyone can play . A tie game can be as exciting as a win. Read more of this post

Diplomacy over Burger and Fries – Only in Awesome Washington D.C.

Those of you still have any doubt why DC is Awesome, here is another reason on top of my long list.

Where else in the world have you seen two proud presidents head to a burger joint to discuss diplomacy in public and act like grown ups?

Read more of this post

Awesome Washingtonians and Americans Compared to the rest of the World

Although racism is still an issue in our country and in our nation’s capital, when was the last time you witnessed things like what you are about to see in the video below in DC or the rest of our country?

Having lived and worked in the EU including London, Bonn, Paris, and Madrid from 2002 through mid 2006, grew up in Shiraz and Tehran, visited many Middle Eastern and Asian countries, I can absolutely confirm the story in this video. I not only experienced this firsthand within their sports community and infamous hooligans, but everywhere including intellectuals, company executives, and the educational community.

As a naturalized US citizen who got off the boat from Iran back in mid 80’s and prior to my temporary move to Europe in 2002, I thought that we in America were racist. Boy, what the hell was I thinking? I agree there are still some pockets of racism in our country, but it is mostly among the undereducated community,. which is quite usual for any country and culture. Read more of this post

Jon Stewart On Race

Jon Stewart was off last week. My vote to the best of The Daily show went to one of his older shows when he took on the race in America.

I was laughing my ass off listening to the white woman near to end of the clip, but it’s also tragic. The number of people with limited or no brain activity out there is both staggering and embarrassing.

During this past year (or face it, since Obama was elected), I find that those who continually profess themselves to be great Americans are usually anything but. It’s right up there with people who claim to be religious or moral. If you display these qualities genuinely, you don’t have to try to convince anyone else or remind them on a regular basis. Read more of this post

Venture-Backed Start-Ups Accelerate Hiring

Elias Shams
Venture-backed start-ups accelerated their hiring during the first quarter of 2010, according to a new report by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

During the quarter, 13,314 jobs were posted by start-up companies on the website, up 16% since the end of 2009.

According to other studies referenced in the press release, public companies that were once venture-backed currently employ 12.1 million people, and current venture-backed companies employ roughly another half million people. NVCA president Mark Heesen believes startups and entrepreneurship are going to play a large role in the nation’s path toward financial prosperity. read more…

Will America Be Saved By Intel

by Elias Shams
Just finished reading one of the recent press release by Intel from my morning heaven, Tryst café in the heart of Adams Morgan.  It looks like the day I was on my way back from London to DC, Intel chief executive Paul Otellini was in our town unveiling their latest initiative called the Invest in America Alliance.

Intel will join forces with two dozen venture capitalist firms to invest 3.5 billion dollars in innovative US businesses including wireless infrastructure over the next two years and secured pledges from 17 tech companies to get bright college graduates into technology jobs. The Invest in America Alliance intends to achieve the following objectives: Read more…

Awesome New Resort Holiday In Washington, DC – National Washington Harbor

Elias Shams
Finally, I visited our National Harbor yesterday in freezing temperature. I usually don’t visit places like this in Winter time, because of persistence from a few close non-DC friends, as a patriot DCian, I found it my duty to make the trip there so I can share my personal experience about the resort. You asked for it, here it is…. 🙂

I don’t mean to sound like a snob, if you have already traveled outside of the US (and, I mean the other side of Atlantic Ocean, not Canada nor Mexico), you might get bored with the area. You will enjoy the awesome view of the Potomac River though.. Otherwise, it a great place to visit. I might have a better experience during the summer. It is only 5 miles from where I live in DC

National Harbor is a new 300-acre waterfront destination in the Washington, DC area that opened over a year and half ago. It is set along side of the Potomac River. The area includes hotels, restaurants, retail stores, condominiums, a full-service marina, a convention center, and commercial office space. The cornerstone of the development of National Harbor is the new Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center which was beautifully decorated for the holiday. Their great atrium is adorned with holiday lights, sculptures and a great hanging Christmas tree made of glass. I was told the place is the largest non-gaming hotel and convention center on the East Coast. The resort hotel features 2,000 guestrooms, flexible meeting and banquet facilities, 6 restaurants, a nightclub, retail shopping, a full service spa and fitness center, indoor/outdoor swimming pool and outdoor event space. The area covers 41.7 acres and has spectacular views of the Potomac River and Old Town Alexandria.

Good News for families with kids, there are plans underway to build the National Children’s Museum there.
Read more…