What do American want the most these days?

A new report from the Pew Research center titled “The Fading Glory of the Television and the Telephone” confirms the big drop on Flat screen TV prices I blogged about a few days ago.

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It’s all about Apps Not Pamela’s Ass

I just finished reading a report by Pew Internet Project that leaves me no doubt about one of the main reasons behind Nokia slow and painful death by the young stallions, Apple and Google. The report shows just how rapidly consumers are embracing applications on their mobile devices. The Apps is the thing Nokia totally missed. So, I doubt Pamela’s tits and ass, who was recently hired by Nokia to promote their new smartphones, will save the company. Read more of this post

Awesome Washingtonians and Americans Compared to the rest of the World

Although racism is still an issue in our country and in our nation’s capital, when was the last time you witnessed things like what you are about to see in the video below in DC or the rest of our country?

Having lived and worked in the EU including London, Bonn, Paris, and Madrid from 2002 through mid 2006, grew up in Shiraz and Tehran, visited many Middle Eastern and Asian countries, I can absolutely confirm the story in this video. I not only experienced this firsthand within their sports community and infamous hooligans, but everywhere including intellectuals, company executives, and the educational community.

As a naturalized US citizen who got off the boat from Iran back in mid 80’s and prior to my temporary move to Europe in 2002, I thought that we in America were racist. Boy, what the hell was I thinking? I agree there are still some pockets of racism in our country, but it is mostly among the undereducated community,. which is quite usual for any country and culture. Read more of this post

67% of Americans’ Ass getting Bigger and Bigger

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households now report playing video games, and more report playing in the company of fellow gamers than ever before, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT for the Entertainment Software Association, which represents U.S. developers and publishers.

Some 62% of U.S. gamers say they play with other gamers in person at least one hour a week, and 48% of parents say they play video games with their children at least once a week.

The ESA report also found that the average game player is 34 years old, while the average age of U.S. game buyers is 40.

Forty percent of game players are female, and 42% of Americans are now playing games on wireless devices like smartphones. Read more of this post

The Best Of Bill Maher This Week

by Elias Shams
Bill Maher breaks out his new rules on Friday’s Real Time and his final rule deals with politicians who say that Americans are smart enough to see through spin and lies. Maher speaks the truth – it’s amazing that during the information age, it’s still so difficult to get factual information to the public. The facts are that Barack Obama isn’t a Muslim, Saddam Hussein wasn’t involved in the 9/11 attacks and global warming is real — yet somehow, to some, they still remain theories.

Maher:”New rule, politicians must stop saying “the American people are smarter than that.” No they aren’t! If the Bush era has taught us anything, it’s that voters want a president carved in their own image. Someone who doesn’t like to read or believe anything he’s told and is easily distracted by bright, shiny objects.”

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HealthCare Reform Isn’t ‘Socialism,’ It’s Caring For One’s Citizens

Congratulations Washington, DC and the rest of our nation!!! We are one step closer to the 21st century! The HealthCare Reform is finally passed. Well, still a little bit of legwork left.

Our Senate approved landmark legislation this morning at 7:00 a.m. EST that would extend healthcare for tens of millions of our uninsured citizens. Our Senators voted for the Bill along party lines – 60-39 – ensuring passage for the upper chamber’s version of the historic reform.

Of course, our President hailed the Bill, describing it as the most important piece of social legislation for the country since the 1930s. I watched him on CNN. Before you read the rest of my post, here is healthcare reform rational for dummies:

Here is what I don’t understand about many of our people here at home mainly the red states – particularly the ones opposed the reform. I remember them cheering to send our troops to a very wrong War back in 2003. It was ok for them to spend trillions of dollars for that War, but not to spend trillions of dollars saving lives at home! What’s the matter with you guys? It is time to pull your head out of your ass and think straight as supposed to following your senators or congressmen who work for the insurance companies.

I lived in Europe for four years, Although there are many flaws with the whole EU thing, but for sure their public healthcare system has had a great success since it was created in most of their countries right after World War II .

If you think their existing public healthcare system is such a disaster, where are the town hall meetings demanding that it is scrapped?

Those of you keep bringing up the bankruptcy thing, we’ve been at the brink before and we’ve always found a way back. I just heard on CNN that 75% of the bail out money we gave to the Banks last year, are paid back.

So, chill guys, keep calm and carry on!

I feel like we are the only country where provision of healthcare for citizens is seen as a matter of national mourning for some people.

It is a regret not a single Republican supported the Bill. Oh well, they will eventually grow up. They have been wrong in most of their decisions, this one included.

Anyway, Well done, Washington and welcome to the 21st century!

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