The First Business Intelligence Report Leveraging the Power of Rating and Community

In today’s environment, the easiest question to ask and sometimes the hardest to answer is “What’s the ROI?”  It is so commonplace that some people even use “ROI” as a metric in their personal lives! But I digress.  What I am really trying to tell you is that almost any good marketer or media person knows that you need analytics to measure the effectiveness of your strategies and tactics.  At a minimum, we all want to know who’s the coolest kid on the block or what is the new “it” thing.  So without further adieu, I give you  Awesome Analytics  – our first business intelligence report.

Our preview version of Awesome Analytics easily shows you the most awesome folks in 5 market segments –  people, company, product, service, and question categories searched and viewed on Below is our November’s Awesome Analytics. You can click on each link to see the top people, companies, products, services, and questions awesomzied (rated) by the community for each category. Read more of this post

How To Get Your App Stands out – Get them Awesomized First!

If you are an app maker, I am sure you have already learned that App Store is such a competitive environment. You’ve developed an iPhone, iPad, or Android application. You’ve got it up on the App Store next to  hundreds of thousands of other apps which they are also begging for attention. You built it unique, your tweeted it, you blogged about it, but not much luck with getting the word out yet. How do you make sure yours stands out?

Leverage the power of your happy users to awesomize them on to get new users! Read more of this post

We’ve Gone Crazy Over Smartphone As Speedy Gonzales over Cheese

A new report from  Gartner shows the Worldwide mobile phone sales has totaled 417 million units during the third quarter, up 35% from last year. Similar story for the smartphones – the sales grew 96% to 81 million and accounted for nearly 20% of all mobile sales during the quarter.

There should be no surprise here. Given the smartphones new design since the inception of iPhone and Android, this was expected. We are literally doing many of our computing with the smartphones these days.

Smartphone OS providers have entered a period of accelerated platform evolution, stimulated by more regular product releases, new platform entrants and new device types. Read more of this post

Five Awesome Mobile Apps for Movie Lovers

1. Scene it? Series for iPhone and iPad

The Scene it? series [iTunes link] of apps for iPhone and iPad are really fantastic. The apps feature tons of high-quality movie clips, are available in a variety of different categories and — at $1.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad — are pretty inexpensive. Read more of this post

Google’s New $1 Billion Mobile Business

That’s what I call the business. It has been only a few years that Google got into the mobile space and already making $1B revenue from it. The company recently reported $2.17 billion in profits on $7.29 billion in revenues during the last quarter. Revenues were up 23% from a year ago when it brought in $5.94 billion and profits were up 32% from $1.64 billion in the year-ago period.

During Q3 earnings call a few days ago, Google did something it has never done before: It broke down the numbers from some of its key businesses. I am guessing the company  revealed these numbers, not just for kicks; they wanted to make it clear that search isn’t the only revenue-generating arm of the Google empire. Google needs these divisions to grow in order to expand its online empire. Read more of this post

Mobile to PC Video Calls brought to you by Yahoo Apps

Yahoo is working on a new mobile app for both iPhone and Android that enables video calls over Wi-Fi and carrier networks to Yahoo Messenger users.

It’s not quite clear whether the app will be free or not.

From the limited information I have learned about the service, I think  the service will be more feature-rich and have a much larger reach than Apple’s. FaceTime works between iPhone 4 users only and limits support to calls over Wi-Fi to maintain video call quality. Read more of this post

Android kicking Ass Taking Names

According to the latest report from Nielsen, more and more new smartphone owners choosing Android phones over others. Android has passed the iPhone and BlackBerry to become the popular operating system for people who bought a smartphone in the past six months. 32% is the percentage of the new smartphone owners that chose a phone with an Android operating system, while 25 percent chose the iPhone OS and 26 percent chose RIM’s Blackberry smartphones. Read more of this post

Will the sexy American blonde bombshell save the Finnish Nokia?

After losing their ground to iPhone and Android-based devices for the past two years or so, Nokia, the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer is betting on Pamela’s tits and ass to sell their Nokia N8? The Finnish wireless company has hired her to promote their N8 smartphone. I guess we  find out next month when the company will release the phone on September 30. Read more of this post

Stop Voogling and Ditch AT&T – You will live

Now that AT&T has also decided to join Google and Verizon with their controversial proposal to kill the net-neutrality, it is time to put a leash on these guys before it’s too late.

Those of you new to the subject, here are the recap: Read more of this post

To Get into their Panties, Get an iPhone

The dating site, OkCupid has completed a new study which confirms our earlier blog post back in April about the higher chance of getting laid with iPhone! The study has determined that among people who use smartphones,  iPhone users have a much higher chance of getting laid, followed by BlackBerry users and finally Android users.

Hmmm…. Perhaps this is because the Android has an easily accessible porn app store?

I am dumping my Android for iPhone today. If that’s what it takes to get laid, who cares about early termination fees? I would even pay $1,000 to get out of it.  Read more of this post