Don’t Piss off Angelina Jolie or else!

Angelia Jolie bited

Angelina Jolie Promotes Her New Film ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ in Washington DC

Wearing her vintage dress from The Way We Wore, Angelina Jolie attend the “In the Land of Blood and Honey” premiere at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC yesterday.

And, of course Brad was also here in town to make sure Angela doesn’t see me 😦

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Cancer: One Of The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

What you are about to read is all the advice I’ve been ignoring from the loved ones around me for the past 15 years. Wearing my engineering hat, I’ve added some additional information that I have recently learned. I did my best to make the connection between stress, diet, attitude, the cells in our body, yoga, meditation, and cancer. The article is based on my own battle with cancer, feedback from several oncologists, hematologists, and nutritionists from various countries and meeting other cancer patients ranging in age from 16 to 60. YES! 16 years old girl! Cancer these days has nothing to do with age. So, I hope you are not a moron like me and that at least some of you will listen to the tips here and change your diet.

As a serial entrepreneur who recently beat cancer and been following the story of some other entrepreneurs including Steve Jobs who unfortunately lost his life to cancer,  Amit Gupta who is currently battling Leukemia, and a few other close and young friends who also lost their life to various type of cancers including a very dear friend of mine just last week,   I found it necessary to blog about my case. I hope the story of my life saves the lives of others and that it is a wakeup call for all of you. Read more of this post

From Russia to Washington, D.C. with Love

Given the recent Russian spy game between Moscow and Awesome Washington, D.C., the movie SALT about a Russian spy released last week, and the sexy Russian summer dress contest this weekend in D.C. I just covered, I decided to dig a little bit deeper and try to add more juice to this whole Russian spy thing.

Meet all Russian spies throughout history since the Soviet era, organized and shipped out from  mother Russia to operate in the West including D.C.: Read more of this post

SALT is out Tomorrow

I am not usually in movie promotion business here in Aweosme DC, but this movie truly deserve to be promoted – mainly because of Angleina Jolie. From what I have been hearing, this might be her last movie.

Unlike other celebrities who make a once in a life time trip to Africa for fame under the name charity, I believe Angie is truly the one who cares. The woman is tireless. Not sure what she is doing with hillbilly redneck Brad, but, no one is perfect and it’s a different subject matter.

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Angelina Jolie Spending Her Weekend in Washington, D.C.

Continuing along with her “SALT” promotions, Angelina Jolie was spotted making her way around Washington, DC today.

She was all business in a black skirt and jacket leaving the Newseum along with co-star Liev Schreiber.

Her movie “SALT”  hitting theaters right on my birthday, Friday, July 23rd 🙂

Given the recent Russian Spy scandal in the East coast, I have no doubt, the movie “SALT” will do just fine $$$ 🙂

Here is a brief interview with her and her clip: Read more of this post

How To Make An Awesome Macaroni – No, Not The Macaroni & Cheese

Time to share another one of my recipes with those of you have been enjoying it in my place, with my fellow Washingtonians and with the world. I call this one Persian Macaroni. No, not the macaroni & cheese. Unlike the classic macaroni & cheese that adds fat to your love handles and your ass, mine is very healthy and TASTY 🙂

It is the same spaghetti you buy from grocery store, but you end up making macaroni out of it. Like my other recopies, it is time consuming, but worth every second of it once you put it in your month. The following instruction is to serve about 5-6 people.

Stuff you need:

. Spaghetti Pasta
. Salt
. Pepper
. Tomato Paste
. Turmeric. Why? here are 20 reasons for it
. Ground Turkey or Chicken, or beef. Although, it turns out more delicious with ground beef, but I prefer it with Turkey or chicken. Much healthier
. Cinnamon
. Onion
. Mushroom
. Potato
. A clean cloth
. Cooking or Olive Oil
. And, of course, a picture of Angelina Jolie 🙂
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Things Happened In Our Awesome Washington, DC During 2009

Here is the list of great things happened to our nation capital I remember. If we missed something, please send it to us and we make sure to add it to the list:

1. This guy finally left Washington for good 🙂

2. We got a new president or better say a Blackberry-addicted President 🙂 His $800 billion stimulus package was stuffed with programs and grants to spur innovation and invigorate entrepreneurs.

3. We got a new Federal CIO and CTO to guide our technology policy: Virginia Tech Sec Aneesh Chopra and DC CIO Vivek Kundra. Vivek has been Mr. Transparency with projects like and that bring government spending out of the shadows, while Aneesh, has been guiding Obama’s policies in things like health care, energy independence, and education.

But wait, there’s more

Preparing Rice the Persian Way

In response to numerous requests from many of my friends in Washington, DC and other part of the world who have been enjoying my cooking past fifteen years or so, here is the recipe for preparing Persian rice serving 5 to 6 people.

Not to worry if you don’t get it right the first time. It will take you several tries to get it right. Preparing the Persian rice is a very delicate and time consuming process. If you are a man, you need to treat the process as you are about to make love to a beautiful woman with beautiful leg, curve, and the whole nine yard for two to four hours 🙂 Can you handle that?

If you are a woman, just think of me and a bottle of Shiraz red wine, you do just fine 🙂

Stuff you need:
. A pot
. A cloth
. Drainer
. Basmati Rice. You can use any other type of rice. You get a better result with Basmati Rice.
. Cooking or Olive oil
. A picture of Angelina Jolie 🙂

1. Pour five cups of rice into the pot and wash it a few times with cold water as shown.

2. Fill the pot up with cold water till there about 2 inches of water on top of the rice.

3. Put the pot on the stove on high. Stir it once every 2 or 3 minutes so the rice doesn’t stick together. This might take about 15 minutes. Once the rice is a little bit soft, but not too soft, take the pot off the stove.

During this process if the rice not soft enough yet, but you notice not much water left in the pot (the two inches of water are gone and you see the rice now), add more water to the pot. Always make sure there are some a little bit of water on top of the rice.

4. Pour the rice into a drainer under running cold water. Make sure to pour enough cold water on the rice till it is not hot anymore. To check out the coldness, put your finger into the rice. Just make sure the hotness in the rice is gone. Keep the rice in the drainer for a few minutes till most of the water is drained out

5. While the rice is in drainer, pour a little more than 1/4 inch mix of oil and water (60% oil, 40% water) into the pot and put it on the stove on high.

6. Add a little bit of salt to the oil/water. Using a spatula, start taking the rice from the drainer and pour it into the pot. For every two or three spatula, use a little bit of salt on the rice. Keep repeating this process till all the rice are back into the pot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once all the rice are back in the pot, make sure to bring the edges to the middle to make it like a small hill. Do not flatten the surface. This is to make sure the hot steam penetrates through the rice so they do not stick together

7. Put the cover back on and let the rice on high for about 3-5 minutes.

8. Take the top off and wrap it up with a clean cloth and put it back on the pot. Turn the stove on low or medium this time. The purpose of the cloth is to trap in the steam made inside the pot so the rice doesn’t turn sticky.

9. Let it on low or medium for 1 to 3 hours. The longer you keep the rice on low or medium, the crispier the rice in the bottom of the pot becomes. I usually keep the pot on the stove for about 3 hours. I suggest you try it once with one hour, and then two hours, etc to get the sense of it.

10. Turn the stove off and start taking the cooked rice out of the pot into a large dish or tray using a spatula and spread it. DO NOT pour the rice into the plate at once. Keep digging the rice out of the pot till you notice the crispy rice stick to the bottom of the pot.

11. The crispy rice is called “tah dig”. “tah” means bottom in Farsi, and “Dig” means pot. Hold the outside bottom of the pot under the cold water for 30 seconds so the tah dig comes off the pot easier. Then, use a spoon to take the tah dig out of the pot.

You can also serve the tah dig as an appetizer with yogurt.

Feel free to mix one spoon pf of butter on top of the rice. The butter makes it tastier. But not necessary.

Referring to step 6, you can also put sliced potato at the bottom of the pot which will give you the potato tah dig like shown in this picture

Here is a picture of PERFECT tah dig

You can serve the rice with fish, chicken, lamb, stew, etc.

Bone Appétit 🙂

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