Sponto To Awesomize The Events Around Washington DC

Sponto, the Washington DC based mobile party detection app that originally launched for college kids just launched their special edition Android app for DC week. The app allows regional tech community to experience DC week from anywhere in real time.

You and other participants will be able to form ad-hoc, spontaneous events simply by coming together with your phones in and around DC week events. Once detected, event participants can add their Facebook friends and post photos and descriptions to create a rich, real-time feed of everything that’s happening during DC week. Read more of this post

How To Get Your App Stands out – Get them Awesomized First!

If you are an app maker, I am sure you have already learned that App Store is such a competitive environment. You’ve developed an iPhone, iPad, or Android application. You’ve got it up on the App Store next to  hundreds of thousands of other apps which they are also begging for attention. You built it unique, your tweeted it, you blogged about it, but not much luck with getting the word out yet. How do you make sure yours stands out?

Leverage the power of your happy users to awesomize them on awesomize.me to get new users! Read more of this post

Sponto Gearing up to Awesomize Colleges starting with the ones around Awesome DC

Sponto is a mobile party detection app for college students built by one of the coolest DC entrepreneur, Jamey Harvey who I know since Web 1.0 era. Up until last week Sponto was only available to students at the University of Maryland where it’s been burning up the campus.

I wish they were around when I was going to college, because essentially what it does is tell you where all the free food, booze and hot babes (hot dudes like me in your case ladies ;-)) are near you!

Their app has enabled The GWU (my Alma Mater) as well as American University, Georgetown, Howard, Catholic, UDC, Catholic, Trinity, Gallaudet and the Corcoran School of Art.  If you’re a student at one of these schools you can register for Sponto now and start sharing parties and events. Read more of this post

Washington DC Fan Misery: Get all the Washington Sport News in the Palm of your Hand

First thing first, you need to have an iPhone  🙂  Then, you need to get  Washington DC Fan Misery app on your iPhone 😉

The app has the latest on all the local teams.  Real-time news, stats, scores & more for the Redskins, Wizards, Nationals and Capitols.

Fan Misery stands apart from other sport apps because of its “Fan Misery Index” (FMI). What is the Fan Misery Index? Well, the FMI is a method created based on the relative strengths of a unique set of statistics (performance on the field) and opinions (effect of the performance on the field & factors outside the game). It’s a value of 0 and 10, where 0 indicates extreme fan bliss (sunny) and 10 is utter misery (getting stormy for Cavaliers fans). The FMI is calculated daily throughout the season & off-season. Read more of this post

Introducing Your best Companion App for shopping

The myShopanion app  is designed to turn your comparison shopping into a social experience.

You can search for products by barcode scan — the app integrates RedLaser’s  popular scanning technology — or name, and you can tap your social network friends to help you to make better-educated purchase decisions.

myShopanion draws on a number of third-party data providers to return detailed information on each product, including product specifications, merchant prices and consumer reviews. Read more of this post

Five Awesome Blackberry Apps for iPhone! What?

Those of you Blackberry users are about to dump your phone for iPhone for all its cool app, hang on. The following awesome iPhone tricks, which is just a start, can be accomplished by BlackBerry Apps.

1. Doodling

Doodle Buddy lets iPhone and iPad users finger paint all over their touch screens, drop in stamps, and even collaborate with friends over the Internet.

Doodle allows owners of the touch-screen BlackBerry Storm do the same thing for $0.99. Similarly, Make a Mess has fewer features but doesn’t charge. BlackBerry enthusiasts who prefer navigation via ball don’t need to feel left out, either. SketchIt allows them to make Etch A Sketch drawings using the scroll ball or keypad.

2. Photoshop

Adobe makes an app for the iPhone that crops, rotates, changes the color of, and draws on photos. There’s even a Soft Focus feature. Sadly this awesome app has no BlackBerry sister, but the unbranded BlackBerry version, imgEdit, accomplishes just as many editing tasks. Plus it a has “a special Warhol effect.”

3. Cute Bubble Text Messages

changes BlackBerry text messages to an iPhone-like speech bubble format. All you need to do is block incoming text messages from your regular inbox, and you can use the app as an alternative.

4. Remote Control Capability

iPhone users can purchase an accessory that plugs into the USB port and allows them to use their iPhone as a TV remote. The problem with this is that it changes the “where is the remote?” question to a “where is my USB accessory?” question. BlackBerry’s version of a home theater remote control, however, is a box that sits near entertainment equipment rather than connecting to a phone. The AV Shadow can use one phone to control your television, TiVo, DVD player, and satellite box. You can even use your BlackBerry to control Apple products like iPods.

5. Doppler Radar

There’s something about the weather that turns us all into geeks. The iPhone has widgets and apps specifically designed to supply live radar maps to wannabe weathermen. While there isn’t a specific radar map app available for BlackBerry users, the “maps” feature of the Weather Channel’s free app is more than adequate for backing up amateur forecasts.

If you’d like to promote your favorite app whether it’s for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc., feel free to create a page for them on awesomize.me and get them awesomized by your current happy users to acquire new users.  Having that done, your apps will be found on Google and other search engine more on top.

Feel free to connect with me via awesomize.me

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Will you Bump, MingleStick or Scan for Business Card Information exchange?

Here is another app that helps you to exchange business card information faster during the networking events. Unlike Bump and Mingle360 that require you to either bump  your iPhones and  show off  your  sticks,  with this one, you just need to scan the business cards via a new iPhone app called WorldCard Mobile.

The new app developed by Penpower, is a business card scanning application for iPhone that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from a business card to the user’s contacts. Read more of this post

Five Awesome back to school Apps

1. Chegg

Chegg is a free app that does just that. It’s a textbook rental company with millions of titles to choose from, which is a real bonus considering you don’t have to brave the school book store and stand in line for hours. Read more of this post

Bakodo: Scanning Product Barcodes Goes Social

Here is another interesting iPhone App you may want to check it out. I am not quite sure how it is different from Google Goggles. Hope you can tell me by your comments below the post.

The app is Bakodo that scans the product barcodes, then you can rate it,  read its review from the community before you make the final purchase.

The app can scan most types of barcodes — including traditional barcodes and QR codes — and acts like a barcode search engine. It integrates with Amazon, Google, Best Buy and eBay product search engines so that each scan provides access to extensive product data on more than 12 million items. The app also shows relevant GoodGuide ratings, ShopWiki info and attached Stickbits for scans. Read more of this post

An App To Get you Ready for Marathon

If you have an iPhone and you are into race distance, you have to check out SmartCoach iPhone app  that was recently released by Runner’s World magazine. It creates customized training guides for race distances between a 5-K and a marathon.

Users can input their most recent race time, weekly and long-term distance goals, training level (maintenance, moderate, hard or very hard), the day they’d like to schedule their long runs and the amount of time they’d like to train for (up to 16 weeks) to receive their customized plan. Read more of this post