Thank you Steve for all of your iStuff!

Thank you for all the jobs you created! all the lives you changed and saved!

You showed us that we can build a huge corporation, make billions and have huge profit and still be loved and beloved. You crashed the stereotype of evil corporations.

We’ll all miss you!

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Starbucks to Launch A Massive Digital Network

Starbucks is fast becoming a major digital player and it boost with millions of customers. Starting today, Starbucks customers who use the free Wi-fi at more than 6,800 U.S. company-operated stores will be greeted with the Starbucks Digital Network (SDN).  Starbucks announced the launch of its Starbucks Digital Network (SDN), a joint venture with Yahoo  that will offer news, entertainment and lifestyle content for free exclusively in Starbucks stores.

Our beloved local USA Today, The New York Times, Yahoo, SnagFilms, ,, Bookish Reading Club, Apple’s iTunes Store, Foursquare, GOOD, The Weather Channel, and New Word City will be part of the network to provide content. Read more of this post

Mobile to PC Video Calls brought to you by Yahoo Apps

Yahoo is working on a new mobile app for both iPhone and Android that enables video calls over Wi-Fi and carrier networks to Yahoo Messenger users.

It’s not quite clear whether the app will be free or not.

From the limited information I have learned about the service, I think  the service will be more feature-rich and have a much larger reach than Apple’s. FaceTime works between iPhone 4 users only and limits support to calls over Wi-Fi to maintain video call quality. Read more of this post

A Facebook Phone? Why not? Makes sense to me

I assume most of you have already heard the rumor about the Facebook phone and their push into the mobile space over the past few weeks. Although, they have been working hard to play down on the News, but that’s what both Google and Apple told us when they were secretly working on their phones. Mobile phones are the epitome of what connects people today and have tremendous significance for modern day social networking which I am sure Facebook is fully aware of that. That’s why I have no doubt they are indeed working on the smartphone secretly. Read more of this post

It’s all about Apps Not Pamela’s Ass

I just finished reading a report by Pew Internet Project that leaves me no doubt about one of the main reasons behind Nokia slow and painful death by the young stallions, Apple and Google. The report shows just how rapidly consumers are embracing applications on their mobile devices. The Apps is the thing Nokia totally missed. So, I doubt Pamela’s tits and ass, who was recently hired by Nokia to promote their new smartphones, will save the company. Read more of this post

The relatively Unknown Companies behind Mobile Computing

Thanks again to Steve Jobs and his invention of iPhone, it is amazing to see how far we have come and how integral mobile devices have become in our daily life.

Although, Apple, Google, RIM, and HTC have been the major players in taking us toward the mobile computing away from Desktop computing (not quite yet), but there are a few other companies behind the mobile computing technology you may want to know.  In fact, I would say they are the ones reinventing the way we think about mobile. Read more of this post

More oppositions to the Google Verizon Pact as Secret Talks in D.C. over Net Neutrality continues

As the subject on net neutrality heating up, representatives of some of the nation’s largest technology  companies  have been summoned to the K Street offices of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), a venerable industry organization that lobbies the government on behalf of a wide variety of tech giants, including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Apple, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Read more of this post

AT&T is OK with the Forbidden Apple Swinging Behavior

As Apple getting reading to become a swinger and ends her three years exclusive relationship with her man, At&t,  AT&T is gearing up to assure their suger daddies, the investors that the Apple’s threesome or possibly foursome with other carriers will not have a “material negative impact” on their earnings.

Although, most media and bloggers are not buying At&t’s arguments listed below, but I think the company  has a case here. Here is why and how: Read more of this post

iPhone on Verizon or Sprint?

As we are getting closer to the end of exclusivity between At&t and iPhone, Apple has been busy customizing its iPhone to work on networks  run by other carriers. The company is gearing up to sell their smartphone either via Verizon or Sprint by early next year.

From various sources including a very good friend of mine who works at Qualcomm, it looks like Apple has ordered millions of CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm. CDMA is the wireless technology used by both Verizon Wireless and Sprint. This means we are going to see either Sprint or Verizon on iPhone sometimes next year – Jan or Feb 2011. The two carriers are the main players in CDMA space. Read more of this post

Awesome Energy Efficient Office Gadgets For Washington Businesses

Given the large number of businesses operating in Washington, D.C. and its surrounding area, the office managers may want to consider the green gadgets I have listed here.

Feel free to share this with other office managers: Read more of this post