Do You Think Your Business Idea Is A Head of It’s Time?

A few month after Yurie systems, my first startup employer was sold to Lucent for a cool $1.23 B, as employee number 8th, I cashed out my stock options and lunched back in 1999. was the first B2B social networking site on the web years before myspace and Facebook of the world. I remember I ended up hiring  at least ten sales guy and wasted  a third of our series A funding, a cool $1 m on advertising to get the attention of the companies.  We rarely managed to get 300 companies to utilize the site.

Getting the companies to leverage the power of social networking to market their solution offerings and get engaged with their existing and potential clients online was something totally unheard of and premature.  Many of them even thought I was on dope 🙂 We had a good run with it till 2004 though. Read more of this post

The First Awesomized of the Year 2012!

Here is the list of the first person,  company, product, service, and question of the year 2012 that were awesomized on! believe it or not At&t made it in the list 🙂

First Person: Lynni Megginson

First Company: LivePerson

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Count down for the Shut down of Qualcomm FLO TV Mobile TV Service Begins

As we reported back in mid summer, Qualcomm  will finally shutter its FLO TV mobile TV subscription service by the end of this year. After hesitantly entering the direct-to-consumer side of the space just a couple years ago, Qualcomm is now cutting its losses on that front and is in the process of shutting down FLO TV.

The company is reportedly in talks with distribution partners AT&T and Verizon about the future of FLO TV, which launched via partners in 2004 and debuted its direct-to-consumer version in 2008. Read more of this post

AT&T Mobility unveils no-contract pay-as-you-go data plan with new 3G portables

AT&T’s mobility, the new DataConnect Pass was launched with its first options for prepaid data yesterday. The plan gives those with built-in 3G in a notebook the option of paying for just a short stint of data without having to commit to a contract. Its rates carry a premium for the freedom at $15 for 100MB of data over the course of a day, $30 for a week pass with 300MB of data and a full month with 1GB for $50.

It’s unknown if or when prepaid data will be available for stand-alone modems; it already exists for the iPad. Read more of this post

Let the War finally begin: LTE vs. WiMAX

Both AT&T and Verizon are moving forward with their 4G/LTE networks in 30 US cities, with one launching by the end of the year and the other going commercial by mid-2011. And, with the approval of the first LTE phone by the FCC, the door is opening for flood of new LTE devices. Read more of this post

The Hilarious Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality

Glad to see Jon Stewart is also on the same page on Net Neutrality. If you are new to the subject, I suggest you read my last coverage on the it before watching the segment below. Read more of this post

Stop Voogling and Ditch AT&T – You will live

Now that AT&T has also decided to join Google and Verizon with their controversial proposal to kill the net-neutrality, it is time to put a leash on these guys before it’s too late.

Those of you new to the subject, here are the recap: Read more of this post

BlackBerry Torch: Bigger but Needs More Viagra

AT&T and RIM’s  BlackBerry Torch hit the stores this week. The new device marks the first to ship with version 6 of BlackBerry’s OS which is very important launch for RIM.

Although, RIM has finally  realized, the larger the display screen, the better, but the company totally missed the  phone’s mojos – a) the processor which is only 624 MHz,  b) the low-resolution screen! It’s way too slow compare to other smartphones in the market – in particular iPhone 4.

Check out the processors and resolutions on their competitors here: Read more of this post

AT&T is OK with the Forbidden Apple Swinging Behavior

As Apple getting reading to become a swinger and ends her three years exclusive relationship with her man, At&t,  AT&T is gearing up to assure their suger daddies, the investors that the Apple’s threesome or possibly foursome with other carriers will not have a “material negative impact” on their earnings.

Although, most media and bloggers are not buying At&t’s arguments listed below, but I think the company  has a case here. Here is why and how: Read more of this post

iPhone on Verizon or Sprint?

As we are getting closer to the end of exclusivity between At&t and iPhone, Apple has been busy customizing its iPhone to work on networks  run by other carriers. The company is gearing up to sell their smartphone either via Verizon or Sprint by early next year.

From various sources including a very good friend of mine who works at Qualcomm, it looks like Apple has ordered millions of CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm. CDMA is the wireless technology used by both Verizon Wireless and Sprint. This means we are going to see either Sprint or Verizon on iPhone sometimes next year – Jan or Feb 2011. The two carriers are the main players in CDMA space. Read more of this post