iPhone: The New viewer Diary for Measuring Media Consumption?

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), a collaboration between big media and ad agencies, is considering using the device as a meter to record media consumption as part of a new study, According to The Wall Street Journal.

Given the high demand for smartphone – particularly, the iPhone I blogged yesterday, in the new world, it is the iPhone that is poised to be the anchor of a new initiative to measure media consumption that covers the landscape-from TV to digital media delivered through mobile phones and computers.

CIMM is in talks with the Media Behavior Institute on conducting a study that would see 1,000 participants outfitted with an iPhone equipped with a diary application, which could record their location and the media they are consuming every half-hour. The CIMM has a budget of about $1 for the study. Their members include AT&T, CBS, NBC, News Corp., Omnicom, Unilever and Disney. Read more of this post

No Wonder Every Carrier Wants to Sell iPhone

According to the latest research by Yankee Group, a typical iPhone user generates $5,345 in net revenue over five years for their carrier, after subsidies and bandwidth costs, compared to $5,097 for other smartphone owners.

The research further shows iPhone owners shop more, buy more and remain more loyal to their phones than users of other devices. Well, with all those apps for iPhone over other smartphones, this does make sense.

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Top 10 Paid Executives in the U.S.

The most interesting one is  Clearwire CEO, Bill Morrow.  I have been covering them since the launch of Awesome DC.  Given the company is losing money, burning about $500 m annually,  far from being profitable,  their mommy, Sprint just announced they are considering LTE as their future strategy; which in a way, it’s the sign of slowly saying goodbye to all the $$$ billion they already invested in WiMAXBill is number 6 in the list!

Either I am clueless in this business or someone is on crack at  Clearwire 🙂 Which one is it?

No. 1 Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO

Salary: $1.45 million

Other Compensation: $27.8 million

Total Compensation: $29.3 million

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Verizon on iPhone? Is it for real this time?

Good News for those of you loving iPhone, but hating its  current and exclusive carrier, At&t. Bloomberg News recently reported Verizon Wireless  to start offering iPhone in January of next year. The move will end the domestic exclusivity deal Apple has had with AT&T Mobility since the first iPhone launched in 2007. Although, you might have heard such a rumor many times since 2008, but I think it is real this time. Read more of this post

Droid X vs. iPhone 4

Those of you in the same shoes as me trying to make a decision between Droid and iPhone 4, here is a comparison chart (courtesy of Mashable). Although, it’s not a complete chart, but a decent one comparing the two.

Perfect timing as I am just about to make a switch from G1 to either iPhone or Droid. The physical keyboard and screen size are the most important things for me.

It looks like both  Droid and  iPhone have many desirable features and some issues too, but my concern would be switching from T-mobile, to either Verizon (Droid)  or At&t (iPhone). I think Verizon is as good as T-mobile, but not sure about At&t. Read more of this post

114,000 iPad Owners including the Mils and Govs Exposed Butt Naked

A security problem with AT&T’s website has exposed the email addresses of more than 114,000 owners of Apple’s iPad, including those of “dozens of CEOs, military officials and top politicians, which was given the data by Goatse Security, the Web security group that exposed the AT&T security hole.

AT&T closed the security hole recently, but not before the leak compromised personal data from victims who purportedly included White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel; New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; New York Times CEO Janet Robinson; and movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Read more of this post

Can Google win the Tablet Market?

Last month, Google unveiled  Google TV in their partnership with Intel, Sony, and Logitech. They also announced their partnership with Verizon to rival the Apple AT&T alliance. With all that partnerships, does Google have what it takes for wining the tablet market?  To find out, let’s see what Google is and is not first.

Google is all about archiving bits and bobs of web based and user generated content à la YouTube, a few free web apps and some services – hardly “a great experience” to swoon over, argue critics.

Google advocates, on the other hand, point out that it isn’t just the media itself which is important, but the means to deliver content through them. Thus, combining what Google does have with the search giant’s powerful Android operating system and developer relations strategy, the firm could yet provide value to the tablet kingdom. Read more of this post

Satisfaction Hits High For Wireless Customers

by Elias Shams
Here is a report for those of you looking for a new wireless provider.

Wireless customers are increasingly satisfied with the service they are receiving from nationwide operators, according to a first quarter 2010 survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Read more of this post

Google Android Powered 3G on Verizon’s Horizon

by Elias Shams

Apple's tablet vs Google's tablet 🙂

This is what I love about America the most! Competition! Competition! and more Competition which explains why we are more of  a service oriented nation as supposed to sales oriented like all other countries I have been living and working including UK, Spain, and even Germany.

It’s not even three months from the launch of Apple’s iPad, Google is already working on the development of an Android-powered tablet in collaboration with Verizon Wireless to compete with Apple’s. I read about it in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Adding a big new twist to the tablet computing wars.
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iPhone Lovers To Stay in Misery till 2012

by Elias Shams
Indeed love hurts.  Even technology love hurts. I am so sorry to be the one to break the News to you 😦

Those of you so in love with iPhone, but in misery with AT&T, you will stay in your misery till 2012. I know… SHIT! 😦 There might be some light at the end of the tunnel though 🙂 Read the rest…

Apple just confirmed that the original deal signed with AT&T for iPhone exclusivity back in 2007 was a five-year deal which means they can’t get out of it till 2012. Read more of this post