First Annual Wonderland Show by Art Soiree last night @ L2 Lounge

Thanks to the wonderful organizers, Tati ana and Sandro, Art Soiree hosted another great party last night at L2 lounge in Georgetown – Their First Annual Wonderland Show.

Given they were founded only in September of 2009 – a few month before I launched Awesome DC, I was very impressed with the turn out.  Tati and Sandro started the company with the goal to showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, and performance art in the Washington, DC.

Washington could use more people like these guys.  Their work is right along line with my mission with awesome DC blog and my social media company, that I launched last month 🙂 With their focus in art and mine in technology, I believe we should be able to position Washington, DC as the hub for Art, Culture, technology, partying, and fun events, as opposed to just classic Politics, corruption, scandals, and the fuck ups 🙂 Read more of this post

W Hotel Invasion by members Last Night

I headed to W Rooftop Hotel last night to hang out with a few friends. As I always, I ordered my red wine and started cruising aroun to check out the place and the people.

The place is just Awesome! What’s even more awesome is the view. From the 11th-floor balcony at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, you can see  Washington is spread out right in front of you. You will also be able to see all the monuments – the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the White House’s East Wing which is only a block away, and more.  You can also watch planes taking off from Reagan National Airport or see the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery and Old Town Alexandria. It’s just beautiful! Read more of this post

Meet Awesome DC’s soulmate: Proudly Made In DC

Proudly Made in DC is a new website  recently brought to my attention by my CTO.  If you are an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and  particularly if you are a Washingtonian, you got to check them out as well as provide them with whatever support you can. Proudly Made in DC has a similar mission as my Awesome DC minus coverage  of  clubbing and partying around DC area.   The site focuses on technology and startups in the Washington, D.C. metro.  Their homepage lists all the great local startups including our own new venture, 🙂 Read more of this post

Compromised Lima for the Iranian American Bar Association Holiday Party

Not sure what the hell happened to me last night that made me ditch my Saturday night Lima for a party packed with Lawyers – the IABA (Iranian American Bar Association) Washington DC Chapter Annual Holiday Party at Alex Gallery – only a few blocks from Awesome DC headquarters, my condo 🙂
Read more of this post

Happy 1st Birthday Awesome DC!

I am very excited to remind you all that it was exactly a year ago today I launched Awesome DC. Unfortunately, I am currently not in DC to throw a big party, but I intend to do so upon my return from the EU on December 13th 🙂

Why did I  launch Awesome DC?

Simple!  as I made it clear in about us section of the site, to position our Nation’s capital as the technology hub as well as city of parties, hot events, and clubbing. In a nut shell to show the world Washington, DC is much more than just politics, corruption, and scandals. Have I achieved that? not quite yet 😦 With your continuous support, I strongly believe it will get there within the next 5 to 10 years  🙂 We have been covering everything happening in DC, but politic and religion 🙂
Read more of this post Invades Mother Russia

Countries visited past 12 hours - source: Google Analytic

It was just yesterday, I did a blog post about our invasion of 26 countries since our beta launch earlier this month. According to Google Analytic, we invaded a few more countries past 24 hours including mother Russia 🙂 Although, Google claims we have users from 42 countries, I can only spot 31 countries with green color. Read more of this post

The Washington, DC based startup, invades 26 countries in two weeks

Countries visited past 12 hours - source: Google Analytic

Just about two weeks after the beta launch of the Washington, DC based startup,,  the company has attracted visitors from 26 countries including its motherland US of A of course. To be more specific, Washington, DC 🙂 Although, Google says the site has visitors from 33 countries, but I could count only 26.

Here is the list of countries visited the site by most traffic within the last 12 hours (source: Google Analytic). I am surprised Spain isn’t in the list. I’ve been in Barcelona for a bout three days now visiting a few times a day. Perhaps, it’s because I am the only visitors from Spain 😦 Read more of this post Distinguish Your Qualitative vs. Quantitative Fans & Friends Online

Have you ever been curious about the quality of your fans and followers on social networking sites? Out of thousands of your online friends , how many of them really care about you? Or, how do you know the new person you are just about to connect with on Facebook, Twitter, myspace, or  LinkedIn, ain’t ganna spam the crap out of you? Since, the explosion of the social media in 2005/2006, questions like these have been on the rise and guess what? it’s even going to get worse. was launched today with the mission to put an end to such fog of concerns.

The site isn’t  another social networking site. There are already too many of those. is a new and powerful social interaction engine that will help you to determine intelligently and effectively who you need to be connected with and through which social media channels. Read more of this post

Is Huffington Post Copying Awesome DC?

Starting from the left: Smoking hot dude (that would be me), a random chick, a British looking dude, Arianna Huffington

A long time ago the English cleric and writer Charles Caleb Colton said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (well actually the word ‘form’ was added sometime later to the quote). Based on that I must be smoking hot!!!

I just received a note from a friend of mine that pointed me to an article on Huffington Post. They have apparently added a new feature called “HuffPost’s Greatest Person Of The Day”. This only 2 weeks after I had the pleasure of talking with Arianna Huffington during the FedTalks 2010 in DC and telling her about our “Awesome Washingtonian of the Day” feature!!! And they just launched this feature last night!

You nutty Arianna! You bad girl! It’s ok though. I take it as a compliment that your well known News website takes the idea from the little Awesome DC. Besides, we love you too much to get pissed at you. You have been doing a great job for this country and I applaud you for that. Read more of this post

Awesome new image of Washington, DC from Google

Those of  not familiar with DC, this is the famous Washington, D.C. Monument.

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