Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year! to you All Awesome Washingtonian From !!!

Enjoy our favorite Christmas song 🙂

As our last reminder of 2014, drop the red meat !!! sugar and anything made out of it like cookies, cakes, and booze from your diet or else, most of you will end up like me a few years ago 😦
Cancer: One Of The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

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Gone for a month! Viva Barcelona! Please vote wisely next month

I’ve tried to keep my distance from politics on Awesome DC, but my conscience prevents me from ignoring this untold story. Perhaps, if I didn’t have a personal connection to it, I wouldn’t bother with this blog post, which also involves US foreign policy and next month mid-term election. PLEASE vote wisely. We can’t afford having another Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Before I begin with the story, I want you to all know that I’ll be on the other side of the Atlantic starting this coming Monday till Nov 23rd. I’ll be visiting a few countries, as well as my hometown Shiraz, and my family. I will offer my condolences and respect to the family of a dear friend I recently lost, who is also part of the story, and will finally be chilling in Barcelona with some cool high school and army friends. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue with my blogging and will be working on our next venture,, dependent of course on the type of internet access I’ll have in the VERY remote areas I will be staying at.

So please, keep your Tech and Washington DC stories coming via our contact us page. We have four people reading your emails and stories, so rest assured, one of us will post it on the website. Read more of this post