Mayor-Elect Gray: Please Make DC Awesome For Entrepreneurs

A great blog post by an awesome  entrepreneur friend of mine Daniel Odio-paez, CEO and Co-founder of the DC based startup, PointAbout.

I’d like to use this blog post to argue for incoming mayor Gray and the DC Council to make DC the most entrepreneur-friendly place in the US. That means tax breaks, access to government contracts, support for innovation zones, aggressive access to angel funding, but mostly it just means convincing high profile entrepreneurs from other areas to make the DC area their home.  It shouldn’t be that hard — many SF-based entrepreneurs are from the DC area originally and have family here.  You just have to give them good reasons to come back to DC. Read more of this post

Compromised Lima for the Iranian American Bar Association Holiday Party

Not sure what the hell happened to me last night that made me ditch my Saturday night Lima for a party packed with Lawyers – the IABA (Iranian American Bar Association) Washington DC Chapter Annual Holiday Party at Alex Gallery – only a few blocks from Awesome DC headquarters, my condo 🙂
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Time to support Innovation in Washington, D.C, not Milking the Government

Washington, D.C. has the money, we have the top universities, we have smart coders spin off the AOL, we are recession-proof,  we have ton of smart tech people in the region…We have all these, but why the hell have we been struggling to position Washington, D.C. as a technology hub? Although, we have Clearspring, OPower, LivingSocial, ComScore, Micros Systems, PointAbout, the creators of AppMakr and AOL, and of course 🙂 but will they be able to position DC like the way Google, Facebook, and others defined Silicon Valley?

I sort of addressed the problem back in December of last year, but I am sure there are more to this.  So, I just felt like addressing a few more challenges or obstacles hoping the local investors read this and do something about it.

We need to define DC tech scene more than just top secret clearances, government contracts and billing hours. These are NOT innovation. Clearance locks you in. Maintaining Top Secret/SCI clearance requires you to continue work in that field. You can always get reinstated, but it’s a pain. Once you get a TS job, you have strong disincentives to get out of the game.

Although, we have the largest educated population in the country and perhaps even the world, but regretfully,  it’s geared toward milking the government; not toward producing value or innovation.

Come to think of it, that’s how Yurie systems started their business – government contractor. As an employee number 8, we started milking the Pentagon by building them a proprietary video protocol to support US servicemen in Bosnia via UAV predator back in mid 90s, but then we went commercial in 97, and finally Lucent bought us in 1998 for over $1.23 B when we had the revenue of only $51 m (23x) 🙂  But then again, that was the pre-bubble days 😦

As you can see, it’s going to be very difficult to build a robust high tech scene from scratch in DC area when you are competing for talent against Government contractors.

On the positive side, I believe the DC Entrepreneurial scene is definitely growing. Thanks to the Entrepreneurial programs initiatives by a few of our local universities including the George Washington University that I have been involved with, University of Maryland, DC tech event meetup, and in particular the DC Founder Institute I previously covered.

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Thanks To Clearspring, Here Are The Top Shared Videos In 2009

Those of you not familiar with Clearspring , they are one of the leading widget network providers right in McLean, VA. Their competitor is Sharethis, not sure which one is the leader in the space though.

Clearspring is headed by another great Washingtonian entrepreneur, and good friend of mine, Homan Radfar. Their widgets connects publishers and advertisers to audiences on the social Web. Back in Sept of 2008, they acquired AddThis , the bookmarking and content sharing service on the Internet to serve over 20 billion views per month and reach more than 200 million unique visitors. Their joint venture has created the most widely used set of content sharing services on the Web.
But wait, there’s more