All aboard… LTE is on the roll…

Last week, Verizon Wireless provided more details on its impending LTE network launch.  Their service will be available in 38 markets covering 110 million potential customers before the end of the year. The carrier plans to increase that coverage to 200 million pops by 2012 on the way to covering more than 285 million pops, virtually its entire 3G network, by the end of 2013.

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Let the War finally begin: LTE vs. WiMAX

Both AT&T and Verizon are moving forward with their 4G/LTE networks in 30 US cities, with one launching by the end of the year and the other going commercial by mid-2011. And, with the approval of the first LTE phone by the FCC, the door is opening for flood of new LTE devices. Read more of this post

Clearwire Expand WiMAX to Five more Regions? Why?

Clearwire recently launched their WiMAX service in five smaller markets including Stockton and Modesto, Calif., Jackson, Fla., Wilmington, Del., and Grand Rapids, Mich, bringing commercial operations to 49 cities to date. The operator is moving forward aggressively with its launch plans and plans to increase its presence, announcing a wholesale deal with Best Buy last week. Read more of this post

Best Buy to offer Mobile Broadband Internet Service around Washington, D.C.

Best Buy has gone after the mobile, the app space, devices and music, and now 4G wireless broadband services.

The company has agreed to resell Clearwire’s 4G WiMAX wireless broadband service. The retailer will offer Clearwire’s 4G network services through its Best Buy Connect LLC subsidiary starting in 2011 in dozens of cities. Read more of this post

Top 10 Paid Executives in the U.S.

The most interesting one is  Clearwire CEO, Bill Morrow.  I have been covering them since the launch of Awesome DC.  Given the company is losing money, burning about $500 m annually,  far from being profitable,  their mommy, Sprint just announced they are considering LTE as their future strategy; which in a way, it’s the sign of slowly saying goodbye to all the $$$ billion they already invested in WiMAXBill is number 6 in the list!

Either I am clueless in this business or someone is on crack at  Clearwire 🙂 Which one is it?

No. 1 Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO

Salary: $1.45 million

Other Compensation: $27.8 million

Total Compensation: $29.3 million

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Comcast Launches 4G Mobile Internet Service in Washington, D.C.

Comcast has launched its high-speed mobile Internet service in 10 East Coast markets, including DC, Baltimore and Richmond.

The company initially launched the service, known as High-Speed 2go, last year in its home base of Philadelphia. It comes to the DC-area nearly two years after the company initially invested in WiMax developer Clearwire. Read more of this post

WiMAX Growth Up Again

Time to yap about WiMAX. Yes, I know… what’s new this time?

Frankly, I am getting bored with all the mixed reports coming out about WiMAX by various analysts; we read one report saying WiMAX going down… the next day, we read another report saying WiMAX growth on the rise. I am just going to blog about it as each report released and leave it up to you guys  to make your own conclusion. Your input is of  course greatly appreciated in the comment section below.

It was just last month, In-Stat reported WiMAX could be in for some challenges as competing technologies like LTE begin coming to market. Maravedis also expressed similar concerns, noted that its research has shown carriers are concerned about the lack of support for the 802.16m standard, which could dampen enthusiasm for greater WiMAX deployments.

This month, it is Visant Strategies who is up on WiMAX. They have been covering the wireless industry since the mid 80’s. The firm noted in their recent report that new specifications for the technology and overall growth in fixed/portable WiMAX deployments around the world are creating a “sizable” market for WiMAX equipment for the next 10 years. This is pretty good News for Clearwire and Sprint who has been pouring boat load of $$$ into the technology during the past couple of years. Read more of this post

Sprint Nextel Clearwire Unveil More WiMAX Market Expansion

Either somebody at Sprint Nextel/Clearwire is on crack or all the recent negative reports about the WiMAX are baseless. Sprint Nextel and partner Clearwire continued their full-court WiMAX press yesterday announcing a trio of new markets where service is available as well as a new device set to launch later this year. If most of the reports indicates the decline in growth for WiMAX, why would companies like Sprint Nextel and Clearwire continue investing billions $$$ in it?

Both companies are now offering WiMAX service in Salt Lake City; St. Louis; and Richmond, Va., pushing their total market coverage to around 40 markets. The Sprint Nextel offering is marketed under its “4G” brand, while the Clearwire service is marketed under its “Clear” brand. Read more of this post

As One Door Opens for WiMAX, another Door Closes

According to a new report from In-Stat, the WiMax technology is facing increased competitive pressure that could hamper any further growth.

In their report, “Global WiMAX Subscribers, Base Stations, and Revenues,” In-Stat noted that the future for WiMAX is a “mixed bag” as other wireless technologies vie for market share. “In the past year, there have been positive developments in consumer devices, including smartphones that use WiMAX for data but revert to 3G airlinks for voice. On the other hand, in many regions regulators are postponing spectrum auctions; and several major digital communications companies are reducing their commitment to WiMAX or leaving the space altogether.” Read more of this post

WiMAX-embedded laptops Coming Out

Clearwire plans to start offering laptops with WiMAX-embedded modems at Best Buy locations and online at 🙂

Those of you who haven’t been following my coverage on WiMAX and Clearwire, here is their service in a nutshell:

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