to Offer offline Access for the Mobile users

If you have been using the cloud-based document sharing and storage provider,’s services, they recently updated their iPhone and iPad application with support for offline downloads and background processing in iOS 4.

Translation: In addition to being able to access, share and comment on content on-the-go, you’ll now be able to: Read more of this post

Digital East 2010 Networking Event in Tysons Corner

Join hundreds of Internet executives, online marketers, web strategists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and investors at Digital East 2010 to get the latest in best practices on a wide range of Internet marketing and business topics.

Dozens of industry thought leaders and innovators will discuss best practices in areas such as Social Media, Online Marketing, Cloud Computing, Web Analytics, Mobile, Ecommerce, Online Reputation Management, Association/Non-Profit Web Marketing, Search, Online Video and Email marketing among others. Read more of this post

Washington, D.C. to become Googlized

Google secured a coveted security clearance, which is the first cloud computing app suite to receive the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification. This means Google’s system is now considered reliable for handling non-classified government data.  Read more of this post

The White House Pillars getting painted Blue, Red, Yellow and Green by Google

In an effort to influence online advertising regulation and other issues, Google spent $1.34 million in Washington, D.C. on federal lobbying during the second quarter, up 41 percent from the same period a year ago, according to nonprofit consumer advocacy organization Consumer Watchdog.

The company now has spent $2.72 million lobbying during the first half of the year, according to reports filed with the Senate Office of Public Records.

Other issues Google has been and continue lobbying for include patent reform, consumer privacy issues, cyber security as it relates to cloud computing, health information and privacy, renewable energy policies, censorship, cloud computing for government and broadband access. Read more of this post

Cloud Computing: Minority Report style surfing and browsing by 2020

Cloud computing has already become a big focal point for a lot of application developers and is going to continue to rise and expand. Web technology isn’t a thing of “page viewing” anymore, and has become a highly advanced programming structure.

Before you continue reading my article, take your time to watch this clip from the 2002 movie, Minority Report: Read more of this post

Washington D.C. in the Cloud

During the Gov 2.0 event last month, Washington, D.C. CTO Bryan Sivak said DC would create the infrastructure for the city that makes everyone a map maker in the cloud. The plan is to provide the Washingtonians easy tools to create our own mapping applications that can be augmented with additional data.

According to Information Week, these include his plans to create a private cloud that acts as a shopping experience for the IT manager. After adding a server to an online shopping cart, the order is completed and a server automatically spools up into the private cloud.

That’s not the map part but it shows the level of sophistication and the modern focus the city is adopting in order to develop an infrastructure that leverages the cloud for city operations and the community. Read more of this post

IT Roles to Shift Dramatically Over Next Five Years

by Elias Shams
Three out of every four information technology roles will either migrate to business services, evolve into business roles or be externalized by 2015, according to a new study by the Arlington-based Corporate Executive Board.

Based on a survey of several hundred IT and business executives, the CIOs soon will face the choice of expanding to lead a business group or seeing their position shrink to managing technology delivery. Read more of this post

Desktops Gone With The Cloud – Think Smartphone

by Elias Shams
On my way back to DC from NYC  yesterday, I read an interesting article about one of Google’s vice-president, John Herlihy and his view of desktops vs smartphones.  He is predicting the desktops will be irrelevant in three years time and the Smartphones will take over. Well, given they are not in PC business, and having aggressively exercised their push for the Android Operating System and Nexus One, no surprise there for his prediction.  Frankly, this was expected. In fact, I covered such prediction a few times on my blog. I guess we should thank Apple, Google, and RIM for the launch of their iPhone, Android, Nexus One, BlackBerry, and now iPad which has significantly contributed the path to such direction.

The rise of Cloud Computing in conjunction with widget-style applications developed for the mobile phone platform have contributed to faster adaptation of doing many tasks via our smartphones.  I also think the testosterone war between Apple and Adobe over HTML5 vs Adobe’s Flash that began since the launch of iPad last month will be a factor in such transformation. Read more…

Google Will Be Selling Home Loan And Groceries Soon

by Elias Shams
This week marks the week Google will take over the world. We might as well start getting used to calling our planet GOOGLE. It ain’t earth anymore.

Referring to one of my earlier posts back in Jan 2nd about Google, I meant it when I said Google would rock our world in 2010.

We are not half way into February, Google has already announced so many new services that no one would have ever anticipated. I didn’t take the launch of  GoogleWave and GoogleBuzz surprising. It was expected soon or later.  I learned that after three years of running the  social search company, Searchles as their CEO last year. It became obvious to me Google would come up with something similar to our solution and even more robust at some point. They introduced GoogleWave and just recently GoogleBuzz that has the potential to kill Facebook and Twitter all together. Too early to make such a conclusion though.

To me, the alarming factors about Google were:

a) Their recent launch of Public DNS service
b) The recent launch of an alternative to HTTP, called SPDY
c) Their participation in  auction for  700 MHz Spectrum in 2008. Although, they eventually lost the auction to Verizon Wireless, but they introduced their fist Smartphone, Nexus one last month Read more…

Things Happened In Our Awesome Washington, DC During 2009

Here is the list of great things happened to our nation capital I remember. If we missed something, please send it to us and we make sure to add it to the list:

1. This guy finally left Washington for good 🙂

2. We got a new president or better say a Blackberry-addicted President 🙂 His $800 billion stimulus package was stuffed with programs and grants to spur innovation and invigorate entrepreneurs.

3. We got a new Federal CIO and CTO to guide our technology policy: Virginia Tech Sec Aneesh Chopra and DC CIO Vivek Kundra. Vivek has been Mr. Transparency with projects like and that bring government spending out of the shadows, while Aneesh, has been guiding Obama’s policies in things like health care, energy independence, and education.

But wait, there’s more