Washington, D.C. Finally Made It To The Forbes 2014 List Of Most Awesome City

After having lived and worked in many popular cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Paris, London, Bonn, Alicante, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C., I found DC as one of the most awesome and coolest city in America. That’s why back in 2009, I launched my D.C. based blog awesomeDC.com with the intention of showing the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. I have been covering everything in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, start ups,  parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians, specially, the gorgeous and model looking women of DC 🙂 Read more of this post

Where would SNL get their content if it wasn’t because of Awesome DC?

Where would SNL get their content if it wasn’t because of screw ups over and over by our White House staff in Awesome DC? Those of you missed SNL last night, you got to watch this. It is hilarious!

And, no! I didn’t stay home either. I was at Lima like always partying:

DJ Korean had his second appearance in Washington DC! He had come all the way from Moscow to Lima. It was raining Chicks last night.

Here is more info about him I found on internet:

Best DJ in Russia by Remi Martin Awards & Main People 2007 and Official DJ of Russian National Soccer Team! Currently resident at Russia’s famous “Goro Production” project.

Pavel Loginov (aka DJ Korean) is one of Russia’s movers and shakers, and is firmly entrenched in the Moscow club scene. He is a club promoter, a producer and remixer, and a damn fine DJ!

His DJing career began back in 1994, playing British Progressive House in the «Skazka» club. He soon moved to the «Ostrov» club in Moscow where he introduced clubbers to a mixture of House and Progressive music.

In early 1997 he began to work at the all dance Radio «Station 106.8 FM», Moscow’s answer to Kiss FM, where he produced and hosted the morning show. In 1998 he organized the wildly successful «Discohouse» parties in Moscow with his good friend DJ Duck. Later that year he left Station and started promoting the «Apache» night at the world-renowned Titanic club. It was there that he got to know DJ Fonar, one of Russia’s biggest DJs.

He is currently resident DJ at some of the best clubs in Moscow, including Most, Circus, the Buddha Bar and Alibi, and is a founder member of the Atmosphere collective, a coalition of Russian DJs and party promoters.

But it’s not just Moscow — since 1997 Korean has DJed all over Russia, playing in Odessa, Samara, and as far away as Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, as well as abroad, in Europe and Dubai. He has appeared at some of the largest parties in Russia, including the 50,000 strong «Vostochny Udar» («Eastern Blow») parties in St. Petersburg, the biggest raves in Eastern Europe. He has also played many gigs in London including Going Places, Medicine and Loosen Up.

Pavel also somehow finds time to go to the studio and is currently working on an album with his partner Mutabor. Their first single «Paris Dakar» was released on Oven Ready/Invent. Aside from this, he has been busy remixing a number of Russian artists as well as turning his hand to mixing compilation CDs.

A pioneer of the progressive house sound, but equally able to play funky vocal-led house if the situation demands, Pavel Loginov is definitely one of the best DJs of the Eastern European new breed.

“Dyagilev Project” (2006-2009)
“Leto Project” (2004-2005)
“Osen Project” (2004)
“Zima Project” (2003)
“Shambala” (2001-2003)
“Titanik” (1997-99)
and more…

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Lima Rocks!!! my new hang out place

I found a new club in the heart of DC a few months ago called Lima, right at the corner of 14 & K Streets a few blocks away from the White house. Wow! What a place! Music, food and the set up were all awesome. The chicks were of course super gorgeous!

I’d say the ratio of chicks to dudes on a regular night at Lima is usually 2 to 1. Considering seven chicks for every man there in DC (I read it in the Washington Post a few years ago), I was surprised to see only two chicks per dude in the club, which is however still a good deal if you ask me.

By design, it is created for those well versed in food, wine, music, and style. A Hybrid restaurant, lounge and bar on three separate levels (with an outdoor patio open year round). The restaurant/night club is suited for the casual connoisseur. Someone who enjoys the finer things in life without all the pomp, pretense, and political underpinnings of Washington DC elite society. In the last few months, it has become my #1 chill spot, where I take my friends when I want to show them a good time. Here is their 3 year anniversary Party I attended:

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